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Bailon’s Piaya: The original crispy piaya

The Bacolod Food hunters present by popular demand:  Bailon’s Piaya

Bailon’s Food is located behind Lopue’s San Sebastian, near Bamboo tonogbanwa’s christmas village.  The store is very simple and at first we couldn’t believe that this was really THE Bailon that sells the piaya.

Bailon’s Food

We went inside and the first thing we noticed that the inside of Bailon’s food resembled a simple carinderia.  There was a food display case with assorted food stuffs BUT NO piaya.

The very polite waitress apologized for having no piaya since someone had just placed an order for 700 pieces and they were all sold out.  She suggested going to their foodstall near the old Bacolod city hall.

So we went and we got ourselves packs of Bailon piaya to munch on.

The famous Bailonpiaya

The piaya was perfectly toasted, crispy and wafer-thin.  The muscovado filling was only a thin layer on the insides of the piaya.  It made for an interesting combination.  The piaya was so light and addicting that we found ourselves finishing the entire pack.

Oozing with muscovado goodness.

The best part of the whole experience was that the piaya wasn’t overly sweet and overstuffed like other piaya.  Mmm.

Bailon’s is located at #17 San sebastian street Bacolod city.  Telephone numbers are: 434-7997 and 434 7996

As we were going back to Bacolod foodhunters HQ we spotted what we thought was the best JEEPNEY body art ever!

OMG ! jeepney art! AWESOME!


2 comments on “Bailon’s Piaya: The original crispy piaya

  1. Hmmm, I’m going to Bacolod soon so this is something I have to try. Thanks for the info.

  2. I agree, Best Piaya 😀 Not to sweet and Not to thick 😀 PERFECT

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