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Namets! A Bacolod Food Movie

The Bacolod Food Hunters are proud to promote Jay Abello’s film: Namets!

Everyone in The Bacolod Food Hunters recommend this film which is a celebration of Food and Love here in good ‘old Bacolod City to everyone!

Christian Vasquez and Angel Jacob play dueling chefs in this heartwarming romantic comedy about love, food and love of food.  Namets! follows the ongoing flirtation between Jacko (Christian Vasquez) and Cassie (Angel Jacob), two Negrenses who grew up in Bacolod City, and whose lives revolve around food.  Trouble starts when Jacko loses his italian restaurant Puccini’s and hires Cassie as a consultant for a total restaurant makeover. Cassie re-visions Puccini’s into a place that serves traditional Negrense food, and we are treated to the full panorama of Negrense cuisine and the idiosyncrasies of Negrense eating.  Namets! was a finalist in the Full Length Feature category of the 2008 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival

Don’t worry if you’ve missed the film.  ORIGINAL DVDS can be bought for only 300 pesos from Enting’s and Cafe Uma.  Proceeds from the sales of the DVDS will go to the Tapulanga foundation which is a non-profit charitable organization that helps provide educational, healthcare and micro-credit assistance to communities in the Hda. Tinihaban and neighboring areas.

Cafe Uma is located at CSI building., 15th & Lacson Sts. Bacolod City, Negros Occ. 6100.

Contact numbers are +63.34.7099966 and +63.34.4323853

We have never been so proud of Bacolod !!  Go Bacolod, Go!

Ok, now here come the pictures!  These pictures aren’t meant to be a summary of the movie, they’re meant to show the various food, locations and identify some of the actors/famous Bacolod Personalities whom we personally know in the movie.  We know we’ve omitted a lot of other actors/people so please forgive us and enjoy the photos!

The waterfall scene is hilarious! It’s doubly funny if you’re a negrense!
Jacko’s restaurant Puccini’s is actually Bar 21
Christian Vasquez (left) and Peque Gallaga as Dolpo (eating).
Christian Vasquez

Charlie Co, artist extraordinaire
Inside Cafe Bobs
Jade Snow Dionson (Nurse) and Dennis Ascalon (patient)
Napoleones. Roli’s Napoleones by the look of them
Native Chicken. Scrawny but bursting with flavor.
Angel Jacob threatens to brain Christian Vasquez with a huge can of tomato sauce
Shrimps, Squid and Shellfish at Burgos Market
Burgos Market
Charles Hilado (Left), Ronnie Lazaro (right)
Cansi, Cansi, Cansi!!
The Famous Enting making kinilaw out on a boat
Yum Yum Yum, Kinilaw!!!!
More Enting
Picnic on the Capitol Lagoon steps
Fresh Lumpia at El Ideal
Silay Cathedral
Some native delicacies at silay cathedral
Eating at The Ruins
At Aida’s!
Chicken Inasal
Angel Jacob
Dominic Lindaya (seated), Carlo Lizardo (seated), Jepoy (seated)

This is a movie really worth watching. PLEASE buy the ORIGINAL DVD and support the Tapulanga foundation!

As a special bonus to all female fans of Christian Vasquez and Angel Jacob, we are including some of the ABSOLUTELY cute pictures found on the DVD’s photo gallery!

Angel Jacob
Christian Vasquez and Angel Jacob in USLS (C.V.) and Saint scholastica uniforms! (A.J)
Andrea Molina (Far left) poses with Christian Vasquez and Angel Jacob

Please Buy the ORIGINAL DVD and support Bacolod’s Local Artists and the Tapulanga foundation!  Go Bacolod, Go!


5 comments on “Namets! A Bacolod Food Movie

  1. yes, got my copy!!!

  2. Martin Banana

    I’m so glad you got your copy!! Enjoy!

  3. How to get a copy?badly needed for school…

  4. I recently saw this movie! It was awesome! the typical life of a negrense that most people could relate too.

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