We’re in Food Magazine’s February 2010 issue!

The Bacolod Food Hunters are thrilled that their blog post on kikiam was mentioned in  Food Magazine’s  special article on Chinese Food!

We almost didn’t get our copy of Food Magazine because someone wanted to buy YUMMY instead.  (To that someone: Aren’t you glad we bought Food Magazine this month? HarHarHar)

Food Magazine February!

Actually we didn’t notice that it said BACOLOD on the top.  We were more interested in learning how to make oyster cake!

Anyway we opened it up, found the article, skimmed through it then we all had a screaming fit.   Have you ever heard a car full of screaming people at 4am in the morning while driving through “Bangga Patyo” ?  ^___^

This is the article.  First a picture of Apollo restaurant’s eight treasure chicken.  After much deliberation and several “give me that magazine” mini tug-of wars…  We concluded that:

1.) The photo is photoshopped..  It certainly is.

2.) We all wanted to try the chicken.

The Article

We really think the authors did a great job with their article!  Good job guys!!

The article

Close up of the article.  LOL..  Yes, we are KIKIAM fiends.  But it is saddening to hear that Lan Ten had closed.  Part of the fun of eating at Lan Ten was going there at about supper or lunch time and eating lunch along with the owners children.   Yup, the owner’s family would come down, take a table among the customers and eat lunch.

What the hell does Jasas mean anyway?

We really want to try that eight treasure chicken.    But it looks so MSG-filled… LOL.   Maybe we could do it after we do a certain restaurant in Goldenfield’s.  Oh and If you guys are curious as to what we think is the best chinese resto in Bacolod?   Nothing beats the old Holiday restaurant.  (not the new one FYI).  We loved their buttered chicken, Pata tim, Pato tim and their shanghai rolls.


5 comments on “We’re in Food Magazine’s February 2010 issue!

  1. Jim Custer


    Congratulations to you and all the Bacolod Food Hunters for your inclusion in this months “Food Magazine”. Keep up the good work; the honest reviews; the good natured banter; and your success will only multiply.

  2. Have you tried Golden Fortune (formerly Full Moon Seafood Restaurant) located at the old Convention Plaza Hotel? They serve authentic Chinese food as good as those served in Manila restaurants.

    • Martin Banana

      We’ve tried it a couple of years back before the B.F.H was even formed. Had our first taste of authentic Peking duck there and real lemon chicken. It was funny cause the kids in our little party claimed that the dish tasted like crushed halls lemon candy. Great restaurant. Good times there.

  3. Maybe it’s Jasas good and Jasas delicious as the foods in Lan Ten? Congrats for being part of that article! 🙂

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