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Pamilya Grill: (alias Fake Bobs) Ribs, Sate and Mongolian Barbeque

Pamilya Grill is one of those restaurants that the Bacolod Food Hunters love to write about.  The restaurant’s advertising is limited to mainly word-of-mouth and is located in quiet Eroreco subdivision.  The restaurant itself is a small house which the Paura family converted to an open air restaurant.

Pamilya Paura Grill. A converted Three room house!

The inside of the restaurant is very simple.  Plastic Chairs and plastic tables on a loose stone floor.

Simple no frills restaurant

Dr. Prm was meeting the Bacolod Food Hunters for lunch at Pamilya Grill.  While waiting, ilovepork insisted that the article about this restaurant include the words “alias fake Bobs”. When asked why he said that the food was as good as Bob’s restaurant (or even better) and that his friends love referring to the place as “fake Bob’s”

The tables were filling up fast.  People began coming in at 10 in the morning for an early lunch of Baby back ribs. The Bacolod Food Hunters saw people arriving in taxis, college students and nurses eager to have lunch at Pamilya grill.

Pamilya grill is located in Eroreco Subdivision near our lady of Mercy

Finally Dr. PRM arrived and the Bacolod Food hunters began eating.  The Ribs were HUGE, soft and very well seasoned.  You can order your ribs in 3-4 different sizes.

Baby back ribs at 120 pesos

We also ordered their other specialties the Chicken satay and the Sate Babi

Sate Babi at 40 pesos
Chicken Satay at 60 pesos.

The Satay were pretty good too.  The price was low and well in the budget of most people .

While we were there we were amazed at the huge amount of orders the restaurant was getting.  It was the day before Christmas and people just kept popping in to pick up their orders or come in for a quick lunch.  Ilovepork said that usually during night time the place was full!

The Cook prepares someone’s order of 25 Mongolian Barbeques!
Hear that? That’s the sound of 25 dinners being born.

The staff was polite and very friendly and accommodating  however they were a bit untrained.  We suggest people go to hole-in the wall restaurants like this with a tiny store of patience with them.

Unfortunately we were unable to sample their  famous mongolian bbq since they were busy cooking large amounts of it for other people’s christmas dinners.

Try dropping by Pamilya Grill for mongolian barbeque  and peanut sate goodness!

9 comments on “Pamilya Grill: (alias Fake Bobs) Ribs, Sate and Mongolian Barbeque

  1. Hi! Can I share this link on my FB wall? If not, pls. email me so I can remove it. Thanks! =)

    • Martin Banana

      yes you may.. 🙂 Please feel free to post it on your facebook wall. Thanks for asking

  2. @ Martin B (or anybody else) – Greetings. How can I go here? I’m commuting from downtown, preferably by jeepney, please. It’s more fun than taking a cab. I think it’s going to be a long walk if I come from Shopping- La Salle. Thanks. =)

  3. Martin Banana

    hello! Just go to Jollibee La salle and catch an Eroreco jeepney that parks right outside Jollibee. It will take you right in front of pamilya grill. To get back after eating simply catch the same jeepney..

  4. @ Martin B – I’ve been hearing about this from different colleagues. Will try it out soon enough. Thank you for the info. Godspeed, BFH.

  5. Hi guys pls try “andie’s” in silay. Same concept as pamilya grill but better ambience and of course better food at a slight difference of price! Check it out guys thanks! It’s starting to be the next it spot in silay. Try their Rosalia punch hands down bob’s is beaten…

  6. This place disappointed us during our last visit. We ordered their “famed” back ribs and were surprised when our order arrived quickly. While the food wasn’t bad, it wasn’t that hot – like they just quickly tossed it into the microwave to reheat it.

    We’ve avoided this place since, but will probably give them another chance in the near future.

  7. The food is excellent but the SERVICE. WTF! in fairness to the waiters they’re quite friendly but the cashier…OMG! Couldn’t even greet with a smile. This is the 3rd time i’ve visited that the cashier was frowning like Coah Yeng Guiao in Game 6. Dunno how many cashiers are there, i guess they forgot that they are in a ‘Service” kinda job. Wish this wold be fixed. A simple greeting or smile will do.

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