Today the Bacolod Food Hunters have a special guest blogger who will be helping us write about her favourite restaurant!  It’s little cousin Aya and her article is about Ice Cream at Kuppa.


The Bacolod Food Hunters headed to Kuppa because the little ones wanted some Gelato.  When we got there it was CROWDED!


The extensive and tempting dessert display did not distract the little ones at all!


Aya shares her tip for choosing the best Gelato flavours.  “Choose the ones that are almost empty.  Those are the most popular flavours.”

I like Ice cream!

The girls also enjoyed Kuppa’s interesting interior design.  Every nook or seating area seemed to have a theme.  We sat near a chinese themed corner with a salt-water aquarium.  The little girls enjoyed watching the fish swim about.

The Clownfish look like gummibears!

We asked the girls if they wanted to go to Starbucks the next day.

“NO!!! Starbucks is boring! Kuppa’s more fun!” they shouted.  We agreed.

2 comments on “Kuppa: better than Starbucks

  1. I agree! Kuppa is definitely better than Starbucks. The thought of not seeing Kuppa in a few days’ makes me sad already. 😦

  2. Sayang we were not able to try this resto nung nagpunta kami bacolod. Next time!

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