Virgie’s: Pasalubong galore!

Pat, one of the members of the Bacolod food hunters was going to Manila for the weekend to visit her old office mates. She asked everybody for their opinions on what to buy since she wanted to buy really special stuff for her boss.

So everybody piled into the car and went to Virgie’s !

Virgie’s is one of those shops that first started out by specializing in only a few kinds of pastries and sweets.  Their products grew in popularity until they became a must-go destination for tourist and pasalubong hunters.


There’s a lot of stuff at virgie’s that will entice anyone to try and have a taste!   Martin begged Pat to buy him a pack of caramel tarts.

Virgie’s special tarts!

Virgie’s even had a tiny cake counter/cafe but the Bacolod Food hunters weren’t in the mood to sit and relax.. They wanted to shop!

A nice touch!
Cookies…and ginamos?

The Bacolod food hunters also found an entire section dedicated to meaty chicharon!  Ooh wow!

Chicharon! Feed the greed!

There were also healthier stuff like organic rice for sale!

Rice, coffee and pickles anyone?

A section was also dedicated to dulce gatas!

Eat your milk!

Visit Virgie’s website to learn more!!

2 comments on “Virgie’s: Pasalubong galore!

  1. their mocha sansrival is very good… and so is their caramel tarts

  2. Good news to all Virgie’s pasalubong lovers out there! You can now buy these Virgie’s goodies online ANYTIME at pasalubongtreats.com! Are you craving for their mango tart? and their best-selling caramel tart a.k.a BOAT TART?! How about their thin biscuits called GALLETAS? No worries, we can get them to you in no time! No need to call us, just add to cart your favorite goodies, pay online or cash via bank or remittance centers and we’ll take care of bringing them to you. BTW, don’t stress too much about the shipping costs… the cost of shipping these goodies to you is way cheaper than flying to Bacolod …. are we right or are we right? 🙂

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