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Bacolod Piaya Vendor: Hot fresh and tasty Piaya!

As The Bacolod Food hunters drove by the University of Saint Lasalle their attention was drawn towards a group of people surrounding a vendor’s food cart.   The Bacolod Food Hunters parked their car a few feet away and as they walked towards the cart, they noticed people walking away with brown paper bags and munching on what appeared to be white papery discs.

“It’s Piaya!” A Bacolod Food Hunter gasped.

The Bacolod Food Hunters decided to return the next day when there were less people buying piaya.  They couldn’t help but snap a picture of the happy people munching on their fresh and piping hot piaya.

Lots and Lots of people!

The next day, the Bacolod Food hunters returned to LaSalle and were able to “interview” the vendor selling piaya.  We did more munching on piaya than talking! We did discover that the vendor has been successfully selling piaya in the same spot for 8 years!

The Piaya vendor and his cart. Behind him is a vendor selling chinese cakes.
Dough is wrapped around a tiny ball of ube and rolled flat.
The paper thin flattened dough is then put on a lightly greased hot iron plate.
The hot piaya is now ready to eat!

We decided to make a video on the spot!  Such piaya making skill must not go unnoticed!

Remember, you can find the Piaya vendor near the University of  Saint LaSalle Bacolod near bangga LaSalle. Drop by and have a hot piaya for merienda!


10 comments on “Bacolod Piaya Vendor: Hot fresh and tasty Piaya!

  1. How much a piaya?

  2. can u send me piaya recipe pls. anyone…..

  3. I’ll be in Bacolod this Saturday for a bloggers meet-up event. Hope to get to try this as soon as I get there. By the way, if you have folks have time, hope you can join. Thank you.

  4. u8mypinkcookies

    yummy. i love piaya!!!

  5. I used to work along La Salle Avenue and, of course, I have tasted that famous piaya. One thing I love best about his piaya is because you can eat it hot (well… just enough for my mouth to tolerate the temperature) and freshly cooked. I think that makes a lot of difference and makes it more yummy than boxed piayas which have been lying in grocery shelves for days or weeks. I’m glad you blogged about this. I think it’s also cool that you recorded it on video!

  6. Namit ni sya!mas namit pa sa bong bongs kg merci!!buot pa kay choy!

  7. masarap talaga yan malapit n ako makatikim yan wow

  8. I’m a LaSallian grad and i could proudly say that this is our unique way of staying awake at our afternoon classes… After eating heavenly spareribs at beside Chinggay’s, hapit anay kay manong piyaya to buy supplies to last the whole afternoon… without him, I could never have survived some of my subjects… And it’s the same manong piaya in the video! XD

  9. alexander chiu

    piaya is now in manila morayta and caloocan victory mall

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