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Get Energized with SioSams Soup #5 – The Best Bull Penis and Testicle Soup in Bacolod City”

If you’re looking for a place to try in Soup #5 in Bacolod City, look no further than SioSams Food House! This local eatery specializes in serving Soup #5, a nutritious soup that is said to “energize your day” and even help you “stand at attention” (we’ll let you interpret that as you wish 😉).

Soup Number Five is a popular Filipino soup made from bull’s testicles. The broth is flavored with spices like onions, garlic, ginger, and lemongrass. It’s often served as a hot bar snack with rice. It’s believed to have aphrodisiac properties and can be found in many restaurants and street food stalls in the Philippines

Recently, the Bacolod Food Hunters team had the pleasure of trying out SioSams’ famous Soup #5, and we were not disappointed. We were joined by American Youtuber Geoff Hunt of Pure Detour, who had never tried the soup before. Cue the jokes and teasing from us, but more on that later.

Upon arriving at SioSams, we were impressed by the steady stream of customers coming in and out of the establishment. We could tell we were in for something special. The three huge pots of soup simmering on the stove and on the floor only heightened our anticipation.

The owner of the restaurant was kind enough to let us watch them cook this delicacy. We got a chance to see how they prepare the dish that’s so popular among the locals. The cooking process involves boiling big pots of bull’s testicles along with other spices and ingredients for several hours until they become tender. These pots keep simmering throughout the day, ensuring that there’s always enough soup available for hungry customers.

The owner of Siosams food house usually does the marketing and the preparation at 4am. They set aside Bulls penis and testicles just for us.

Geoff was not very excited to try the Bulls Penis and Testicles but I explained to him that when everything is all cut up, it’s just another type of meat.

Geoff gets down to filming the owner as they prepare a batch of soup. The owner said that the recipe was passed down from his grandmother so it’s an heirloom recipe.
We lifted the lid of one of the pots and the Soup #5 looks wonderful, boiled down and simmering.

SioSams offers a total of seven different soups on their menu, but Soup #5 is undoubtedly their bestseller. In addition to Soup #5, we were excited to try out Bendunggo (Tripe) and Kitin (Tendons), two other familiar Filipino dishes that Geoff had tried before.

Here’s the menu! We recommend everything at Siosams!

Geoff and I got three soups to try!

Our epic meal. We should have gotten all the soups but Geoff was overthinking his first time and trying to overcome his fear of trying the soup 5.
This is SioSams Soup #5 Kitin or tendons. Very tasty. The gelatinous tendons are rich in collagen and very nutritious. This is good for skin, hair and joints
Our favorite soup at siosams, beef tripe or bendunggo. The soups have all different flavors and this one is the best for me (because I really love tripe)
Penis and Balls all cut up

Now, back to the jokes. We won’t go into too much detail, but let’s just say that we had some fun teasing Geoff about trying bull’s “eggplant” (if you know what we mean). Despite his reservations, Geoff eventually agreed to try it out. To make things even more interesting (and to create an epic video), we asked the owner to serve the eggplant uncut for Geoff’s first time. Suffice it to say, he handled it like a champ and even likened the taste to liver pâté.

This is what Soup #5 looks like, when its normally cut up.

Overall, our experience at SioSams was fantastic. We would like to thank the friendly staff and customers for their hospitality and for allowing us to film them eating. It’s worth noting that we paid for our meals and received no freebies or payment.

If you’re interested in checking out SioSams for yourself, they are located at Corner St. Bartolome Magdalene Street Dona Juliana Subdivision Brgy. Taculing Bacolod City Philippines, Bacolod City, Philippines. You can also reach them at +63 932 324 4647.

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