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Burger with no name is back! Amazing Cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches in Bacolod City!

It’s back! Burger with no name has just re-opened this 2023! Burger with no name is located at The Hub in La Salle avenue, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Philippines.

For those unfamiliar with this restaurant, Burger with no name was a simple and unassuming burger stand located on the same location. There used to be a carwash and laundry shop where The Hub was located. Customers would grab tasty burgers from Burger with no name while waiting for their cars or their laundry.

Burger with no name has no advertising, no signage and relies only on word of mouth for customer visits.

Check out our video two years ago!

Burger with no name has returned this 2023 and they’re back with the same staff and the same great burgers with more things to be added soon to the menu. There’s now air-conditioning and seats! Since this is a soft opening, take out is encouraged as the staff may not have time to serve and clean up after customers.

The interior is very simple. You can choose to wait for your orders at the bottom area or you can chose to sit up top.

Burger with no name’s menu remains the same. They serve two kinds of burger, the single or a double patty but with the addition of a new sandwich. The Nameless Chicken Sandwich.

The burgers are prepared the same way. They’re cooked on a hot grill and the brioche buns are toasted on the side.

After the burgers are finished cooking, a slice of cheese is layered on top or if you got the DOUBLE patty, you’ll get two slices of cheese. More cheese equals more tasty fun.

A generous amount of lettuce and tomatoes are added. The burger is then wrapped up and served!

Here’s our massive order! We took these pictures to show you what the burgers look like unwrapped. We also got the spicy Nameless Chicken sandwich.

The spicy Nameless chicken sandwich is a huge cut of chicken breast that is battered and deep fried. It is so good! This reminds us of a Wendy’s chicken breast fillet sandwich but without all the extra extenders and breading. This sandwich is Natural and homemade. Burger with no name also puts a lot of shredded cabbage and vegetables on this sandwich. We can proudly say this is one of the best chicken sandwiches in Bacolod city.

The single patty Burger is very good too. This sandwich is perfect for those who can’t finish a double patty burger.

Check out Burger with no name at The Hub, La Salle Avenue, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. They’re open 11:30 am to 6:00 pm or until supplies last.

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