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Mr Squidee: Tasty and affordable Squid and Shrimp dishes in Bacolod City.

Mr Squidee sells tasty and affordable Squid and Shrimp dishes in Bacolod City.

We headed down to the UNO-R university on Lizares street in Bacolod City. The owners run Mr Squidee out of a little stall located in the Piazza Park Ladies Dormitory food court just across from the University.

Here, you can see the Mr Squidee stall along with lots of other food places. This food park is super popular with students during lunchtime. There’s all sorts of good things to eat but we came here just for Mr Squidee!

This spot gets pretty full during lunchtime.

Mr. Squidee specializes in shrimp and squid dishes. They have fried, breaded squid (Calamares), Tempura, Dynamite shrimp, Garlic Shrimp and Squid Sisig. When we arrived they didn’t have the squid Sisig or Okoy available (shrimp cakes) so we had to make do with what they had.

We ordered everything on Mr Squidee’s menu for dine in. We weren’t expecting much but the food arrived beautifully plated. Very nice and surprising.

We tried The Shrimp Dynamite of Mr Squidee. It’s is a dish of fried and breaded shrimp with a sweet-spicy sauce and fried shoestring potatoes. Super tasty.

The shrimp tempura was perfectly battered and fried but honestly, we preferred the shrimp dynamite for its flavor. Still, this is quite ok shrimp tempura for the price.

Mr Squidee’s shrimp tempura.

If you like whole shrimp, Mr Squidee has nice Garlic Shrimp. We paired this with some rice topped with fried garlic.

Since Mr. Squidee didn’t have any squid Sisig available, we made do with an order of calamares – fried, battered squid. This came with a side of sweetish spicy vinegar. A perfect dip for the meal.

Overall, we loved Mr. Squidee! You can message their page for deliveries.

Mr Squidee – Lizares street, Piazza Park Ladies Dormitory Food court (Fronting UNO-R)

Telephone number: 09454572364

Facebook page:

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