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Al Satwa Shawarma Bacolod: Great Middle Eastern Cuisine

Al Satwa Shawarma Bacolod is a remarkable Middle Eastern Restaurant in Bacolod City. They are located at 39 Dumdumaya Building, Burgos street. (Near Pan De Sal Express).

The owner of Al Satwa Shawarma Bacolod used to work in the Middle East and he decided to bring the food that he liked to Bacolod City.

Al Satwa Shawarma Bacolod is located at 39 Dumdumaya Building, Burgos Street. Open from 10am to 8:00pm

Al Satwa Shawarma Bacolod is a small restaurant. The place can accommodate about three tables. Most of the orders are take out. The interior is simple and clean.

Al Satwa Shawarma Bacolod has an extensive menu of drinks, middle eastern and Indian dishes. If this is your first time at Al Satwa Bacolod, you can’t go wrong with their best seller – the Beef and chicken shawarma wraps and rice.

The beef and chicken shawarma rice are the most popular dishes. The rice is topped with meat, garlic sauce, fried onions and garnished with cucumber and tomatoes.

If you want your meal to be spicy, ask for Al Satwa’s special spicy sauce. It’s not overly spicy and it adds a special “zing” to the meal.

Beef Shawarma rice

If you want to try something more adventurous, check out Al Satwa Shawarma Bacolod’s Beef kebabs. They grill ground beef on skewers and serve it with rice and the sauce.

Beef Kebab

The shawarma at Al Satwa Shawarma Bacolod is unique. It is more of a fusion type of Shawarma. Al Satwa also makes their own shawarma wraps by hand. After the shawarma is made, it is then toasted in a panini press. It may not be orthodox but this process gives the wrap a nice, crunchy taste (and nice grill marks!).

Beef Shawarma
The shawarma is their best seller.

For drinks, there are some “mock tails”. There’s rose, mango, and lemonade mojitos. They’re non alcoholic and quite tasty.

Rose Mojito

For first timers, try the rose mojito. It’s made with Indian rose petal syrup. The taste is sweet with a pleasant, floral scent of roses. Mix it well before drinking

There’s also Indian dishes at Al Satwa Shawarma Bacolod. There’s chicken tandoori. We tried it and we can say it comes pretty close to an authentic chicken tandoori. It may not be perfect but it is pretty good for what it is.

Chicken Tandoori

The chicken is moist, juicy and tender and perfectly grilled. The chicken could use a little more Indian spices but for most people who are unaccustomed to eating Indian food, Al Satwa Shawarma Bacolod’s chicken tandoori will be a great introduction.

The other Indian dish on the menu is the Indian buttered chicken. This is more of a fusion dish but Al Satwa Shawarma Bacolod manages to make the butter sauce super tasty. It’s not how indians would prepare butter chicken but this fusion dish still comes across as flavorful and delicious.

Butter chicken Masala

Overall, we had a great time at Al Satwa Shawarma Bacolod. The food is great and while it may not be 100% authentic, the quality and love the owner has for the food and the customers more than makes up for it.

Al Satwa shawarma is located at 39 Dumdumaya Bldg., Burgos Avenue, Bacolod City, Philippines

Opening hours 10am-8pm

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