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L’Fisher Hotel Buffet Dinner- The best buffet dinners in Bacolod City.

L’Fisher Hotel has the best eat all you can buffets in Bacolod City! We’re fans of their buffets, and now that they’re open again, it’s time to revisit Ripples (their restaurant) and see what’s new! UPDATED FOR 2023!

L’Fisher Hotel regularly has two eat all you can buffet days scheduled. On Fridays, they have their seafood buffet, and on Saturdays, they have their continental buffet.

The regular price for their eat all you can buffets are 1200 pesos but you can order, reserve, and pay ahead of time to avail of their Early bird promo – which drops the price to just 999 pesos.

We visited L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod on a Friday to try their Seafood buffet – note that the dishes shown in this article are not permanent – they may change according to what is available.

Ripples restaurant is located beside the main lobby

Unlimited draft beer is included in L’fisher Hotel’s Friday eat all you can seafood buffet! It’s on tap, and you can ask for beers from the server, who will bring them to your table.

The bar area at Ripples restaurant – L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod

We arrived early to take pictures of the buffet to show you what the food looks like before customers get to the food!

Seafood tempura is a trendy item in buffets. L’Fisher Hotel has great seafood tempura that is always freshly cooked and refilled. The tempura tastes much better than the other buffet restaurants in Bacolod.

L’Fisher Hotel’s seafood tempura
At first we thought this was salmon skin tempura but this is actually vegetable tempura.

There’s a sushi section right beside the tempura area. This section displays salmon, tuna and crab roe maguro sushi.

There’s also cucumber sushi rolls and tuna rolls. The rolls are topped with a dollop of mayonnaise or a smear of crab eggs.

The main highlight of the sushi section is their Salmon and Tuna sashimi. Fresh cuts of Salmon and tuna are lovingly displayed. The salmon and tuna sashimi is our favorite part of L’Fisher Hotel’s buffet. No other buffet in Bacolod is this generous when it comes to sashimi!

There are also salads on display. They were shrink-wrapped when we took this picture, as they dry out quite quickly. The wrapping was removed when the buffet started.

The salads had cooked Salmon chunks. Nice and tasty!

After we finished trying the sushi, tempura and salads, it was time to move on to the main dishes. There’s steamed rice, garlic rice and seafood paella.

We didn’t want to eat too much rice, so we were delighted when we found herbed potatoes at the buffet. The herbed potatoes are fried cut-up chunks of potatoes mixed with herbs and seasonings. This goes well with the many fish dishes!

Herbed Potatoes

Another excellent alternative to having rice at L’Fisher Hotel’s Buffet was their huge dish of buttered corn, carrots, chayote and beans. Super nice.

You can also choose bread from the bread section if you don’t want rice. There’s sourdough, whole wheat and a few other kinds. Try using their bread toaster – it’s fun because it uses a conveyor belt system!

We want to tell you something about us that not many people know. We don’t like fish! To be exact, we’re not fans of how Filipinos usually serve fish. However, the dishes at L’Fisher Hotel’s Seafood buffet are not too “ethnic,” so we could happily eat and try all their fish dishes.

One of the main fish dishes we tried was Pan-seared fish fillet in lemon butter sauce. It was delicious. Searing the fish gave it a nice, slightly crunchy texture, and the lemon gave it a slightly tart flavor.

Pan Seared Fish Fillet in Lemon Butter sauce.

Chili Garlic Crab is a Singaporean dish that is popular with many Filipinos! There was a big chafing dish piled high with pre-cut crab and delicious chili garlic sauce at the buffet.

Chili Garlic Crab

Seafood Thermidor is a creamy seafood dish popular in France. L’Fisher Hotel buffet had a delicious seafood Thermidor with plenty of clams, mushrooms, fish and vegetables.

The buffet also had Casserole of Marlin and Salmon. This dish has European influences. A Casserole is food cooked in a large, deep pan or bowl in the oven.

There are so many textures in this dish. There are plenty of vegetables and surprise, surprise red onions. Red onions are currently super expensive. I’ve never thought I’d live to see the day that red onions are a status symbol, but there it is… Pricey red onions on a casserole. During an eat all you can buffet.

We continued to try the main dishes at L’fisher Hotel’s seafood buffet. Since the theme was seafood, they had a massive hunk of baked marlin.

Despite being a seafood-themed buffet, there were still two meat dishes to make the non-fish eaters happy! There was a rack of ribs and rolled Lechon pork belly!

Rack of Ribs
Rolled Lechon Pork belly

You have to experience the pasta station at L’fisher Hotel! A staff member from Ripples Restaurant cooks your pasta dish right in front of you. This time it was a creamy seafood pasta.

Here’s something super nice – after the pasta is cooked, it is swirled around while still hot inside a giant parmesan wheel and then torched to add an intense cheese blast of flavor.

It’s an entertaining spectacle, and guests will enjoy seeing their pasta being cooked!

This spot is very popular with guests taking videos.
Our creamy, cheesy squid pasta!

After that epic meal it’s time for desserts. There is a dessert selection area with a few desserts. You can have a couple of sweets with hot tea or coffee.

The cakes are surprisingly decent and delicious. The top one in the picture has coffee icing while the bottom one has white chocolate. The tarts are pretty good too.

Mango Panna Cotta

Of course you can skip the sweet stuff and have fresh fruits instead! There’s a lot.

We loved our visit to L’Fisher this year and we will be back on a Saturday to try their continental buffet!

The process to get the 999 price is simple. Just head to Ripples inside L’Fisher Hotel and pre-pay at the same time you are making your reservation. If you pay ahead of time, you will get the discount.

Visit their official Facebook page located at for updates and a sign up sheet. You can also call them to make a reservation at 09178805726 or 034 433 3731

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

5 comments on “L’Fisher Hotel Buffet Dinner- The best buffet dinners in Bacolod City.

  1. Looking forward to your review of the L’Fisher continental buffet. This was a fantastic review!
    I’d love to know if the British chef is still there and if English fish and chips is still on the menu 🙂

    • Martin Banana

      Yes he still is. Will try the continental buffet next. I don’t know about-m the fish and chips though. Didn’t get achance to browse the menu

  2. Teodora Dormido

    Pwede ka pa book lunch buffet for 2 on March 7,2023,what time ang serving sg lunch?

    • Martin Banana

      contact mo guro ang lfisher ma’am to book your reservation

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