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Bangkok Feels: Home-Style Thai Food.

Bangkok Feels is a new food stall that serves Home-Style Thai Food. They’re located at the Ayala open Field in Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

Bangkok Feels is currently open only from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 3pm to 8pm so its a great time to go have Thai food for an early dinner!

It seems that the current food trend in Bacolod City is now food courts and food parks. Ayala open field is one of them. It’s a collection of food stalls right beside Ayala North Point. We headed down to where Bangkok Feels was located.

Bangkok Feels has a cute little booth!

The Bangkok Feels booth is extremely cute. It’s made of wood and iron but at the same time it looks and feels extremely cozy and home-like. It’s just like chilling out at a friend’s lanai or garden.

The tables and chairs are black, solid type things which makes them a bit heavy to move around. But since they’re heavy, they are pretty solid and you won’t fall over especially since the floor is just small stones.

There’s multiple seating spaces all around Bangkok Feels so if you desire, you can sit on benches all around the booth, like if you are at a bar or so. The stall would certainly not be out of place on a beachfront as it has that kind of feel to it.

How authentic is the food at Bangkok Feels? We’d rate it a 4 out of five. For a start, they use actual condiments and spices from Thailand and they’re all arranged quite attractively at the front of the bar, sari-sari style. Very nice!

Adding a touch of whimsy are the gorgeous faux lily pad leaves that serve as placemats for customers. Very cute!

For drinks we tried two of their popular ones available. We tried their Thai Singha Soda Water. It’s ordinary water but carbonated to make it fizzy and taste like a soda. Very nice and healthy compared to normal sodas.

We ordered a glass of their Cha Yen, or their Thai iced tea. Very nice and not that sweet at all. It has a slight amount of condensed milk as a sweetener.

We began ordering the dishes that Bangkok Feels has on their Menu. They have a nice Phat Thai, plenty of ingredients in the Phat thai and you can add more spices and condiments such as crushed peanuts and chili flakes.

Phat Thai

Bangkok Feels also has Chicken Pad King and Tofu Pad King. These are stir-fried dishes that are cooked with a bit of curry and Sitaw (yard long beans). It already comes with rice so an order of this is good for a meal already.

Pad King

Bangkok Feels has the most unique appetizers that we’ve ever come across in any Thai Restaurant in Bacolod City. They serve Khanom Pang na Moo and Khanom Pang Na Goong which are respectively, Thai Pork toast and Thai shrimp toast.

Served with a sweet chili sauce, this is a nice snack but actually theres a special, different hidden layer of flavor and complexity to this dish.

Khanom Pang Na Moo

The owner, a nice elderly lady saw us eating the toast and told us to take the leaves from the bottom of the basket and use them to wrap the toast, dunk it in the chili sauce and take a bite.

We realized that these actually were Betel nut leaves (or alugbati if we’re not mistaken) and when we did wrap the toast in them, they added a great, slightly peppery flavor to the toast! The toast flavor actually became borderline addicting. You must try it for yourselves.

Bangkok Feels also serves Tod Mun Goong, shrimp puffs! again, it is highly recommended that you try it before then after you wrap it in the leaves. Very nice and it actually made us wonder if we could have the Korean dish Samgyupsal served the same way!

Tod Mun Goong

Another cute and tasty dish that you must try when you’re at Bangkok Feels is their Tom Yung Goong. It’s a tasty soup that’s very similar to our sinigang, a little sourish and tasty. It’s familiar and comforting, and just right for a snack. It is served in these little aluminum bowls that look so elegant!

Tom Yung Goong

Visit Bangkok Feels for a great time with delicious, cheap and affordable Thai food!

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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  1. been meaning to go there but itwas always closed.good to know the hours…3-8pm. WIll try to convince wife to visit as she is shy of kahang dishes.

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