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Baan Thai Homm: Authentic Thai cuisine in Bacolod City.

Baan Thai Homm is a Thai Food stall that first had its beginnings as a delivery only service in Bacolod City. Baan Thai Homm is currently the most authentic Thai place out of all the various food stalls because the owner is actually from Thailand!

Ban Thai Homm has a devoted customer base that has been with them since they were still operating out of their house. This place has been recommended to us so many times! We finally had an opportunity to try their food at their stall at the back area of Robinsons Mandalagan, Bacolod City.

Thai cuisine is somewhat similar to Filipino food. We have access to all their spices, herbs and chilis. The main difference is that the Thai people like to play around with all these herbs and flavors which makes their food really unique compared to Filipino dishes – which seem to only have two flavors – Sweet and Salty.

We ordered the best sellers at Ban Thai Homm. Some items at the time of writing were missing spices / ingredients so we opted to leave that out. Ban Thai Homm has a very extensive Thai menu for a foodstall.

The main difference that sets Ban Thai Homm from other restaurants here in Bacolod is that you can control the level of spiciness in your food! When you order, you can select from four levels of Spiciness. My personal favorite is level 2 – where it is spicy but not unpleasantly so.

You can order A la Carte or Rice meals.

We started with Ban Thai Homm’s best sellers. Pad Thai!

Pad Thai is a very popular noodle dish and it is one of the Thai dishes that most Filipinos are familiar with. Ban Thai Homm has two kinds of Pad Thai. They have Pad Thai Goong (shrimp) and Pad Thai Pla Muek (squid).

Ban Thai Homm’s version is full of shrimp, noodles, peanuts, chili flakes, sprouts and it has a scrambled egg. The taste of the Pad Thai is sharp and fresh-tasting due to the citrus juice and the assorted herbs that they use in the Pad Thai. Of course, you can make it spicier by selecting your spiciness level when you order.

Overall, one of the best Pad Thais in Bacolod City. There’s no scrimping of ingredients here.

If you like chicken, we recommend Ban Thai Homm’s delicious Yum Gai Saab.

It’s breaded fried chicken cutlets all chopped up and mixed with herbs, chilis and a sauce. Although Ban Thai Homm serves this as a “salad”, You can have a rice meal with it. This is super good.

Moving on, we had the more substantial dishes. We had the Tom Yum Pla muek (squid), The Thai Fried Rice, Khow Pad Moo (chicken) and Tod Mun Goong (shrimp cakes)

The Khow Pad Moo had plenty of cilantro, tomatoes, chicken and other ingredients that made it really tasty. We ordered this at spiciness level two from Ban Thai Homm. Very good. Squeeze some lime juice from the lime wedge that comes with it and you have a nice, delicious meal.

The best Tom Yum soup in Bacolod can also be found at Ban Thai Homm. You can set this to your desired spiciness level. This is a super popular thing to order and most customers dining in order the small cup.

It may be small but the soup is packed full off ingredients, squid, Thai herbs and chilies. The chef is definitely a master at the spiciness level. The soup tastes like our sinigang but more citrusy like. You will find many leaves floating in your soup when you order from Ban Thai Homm. That’s because they use Kaffir lime leaves to add a lemony taste to the food too!

A great refreshing salad is also available at Ban Thai Homm. Try their Som Tum Thai or Green Papaya Salad. It’s sweetish, crunchy and citrusy and very good for you. They use their special vinegar and if so desired, you can also make this salad spicy too!

Our visit also involved trying out their Gaeng Kaew Wan Gai or Green curry with chicken. We say chicken but in reality, the dish has traditionally eggplants in it as usually it is food being offered to the temples. This dish is similar to curries that Filipinos might be used to as it uses coconut milk. The combination of chili, green curry and eggplant is tasty!

Every Thai place in Bacolod seems to serve Shrimp Puffs or Tod Mun Goong. The shrimp puffs at Ban Thai homm actually have shrimp meat in them and don’t appear to be bought from a store. They have that made from scratch touch.

A hallmark of Ban Thai homm are their Thai drinks and they have THREE delicious drinks available. They make it themselves. Our favorite drink is the milky Thai Iced tea which is low sugar and not so sweet.

Dining at Ban Thai Homm is a nice experience for people who want to try Thai Food or are new to trying Thai. You can’t go wrong with trying out Ban Thai Homm. Don’t forget you can set the spiciness level of the food.

Ban Thai Homm, Robinsons Mandalagan, back courtyard. Telephone number 0915 102 2455

Update: We’ve recieved word that Ban Thai Homm might be leaving their current location and transitioning back to a home based delivery system. Please monitor their Facebook page for more information.

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

1 comment on “Baan Thai Homm: Authentic Thai cuisine in Bacolod City.

  1. Emmanuel Gonzalez

    Have been a regular customer of Baan Thai Homm ever since they received orders from home during the Pandemic and it’s the real deal. Thanks for featuring their establishment and our family is so looking forward when they do put up a resto, hopefully soon. All the best to the owner, Toon and family. Two thumbs up!

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