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Diotay’s Seafood Eatery: A great seafood restaurant in Bacolod City

Diotay’s Seafood Eatery is a very popular seafood restaurant in Bacolod City. They serve all sorts of crabs, seafood and fish! Diotay’s Seafood Eatery is located at 12th Gatuslao street, Bacolod City with telephone number 431-5044.

The outside of Diotay’s Seafood Eatery is very colorful and striking with lots of decorations and lights on display. The most eye-catching scene is the fish section with plenty of ice.

We took around Mark Wiens when he visited Bacolod City.

Mark Wiens and wife Ying take a picture for their vlog!

How Diotay’s Seafood Eatery works is that you select the fish, crabs or seafood that you want to order. Then you chose what type of cooking or seafood dish you want them to make!

There’s all sorts of fish species but the most interesting ones for us were the big Bailer shells or Melon shells. These big shells are called bailer shells because fishermen used them to “bail” out water

Of course we had to try a big bailer shell! The helpful staff at Diotay’s Eatery picked out a big one for us to try.

After placing our orders we went inside to Diotay’s Seafood Eatery. The inside is just as elaborately decorated as the outside. There are numerous long tables where you can sit.

One of our orders was this delicious fish soup. This is fish sinigang – a popular type of sour soup in the Philippines.

We also had a slice of fish! This fish tanguige steak was served grilled on a sizzling plate with plenty of fried garlic.

Ceviche is raw fish that has been cured and Diotay’s seafood eatery has a pretty good version of it. They use vinegar to cure the fish and they place coconut milk, onions, salted black beans and salted egg. The result is a delicious fish dish with various flavors and textures.

Diotay’s seafood eatery has sweet chili crabs with plenty of garlic! The crabs come pre-cracked in half and the chili sauce is poured liberally over it.

The prawns are fried in butter and are served similarly with plenty of fried garlic

For lovers of squid, Diotay’s Seafood Eatery has squid adobo. It’s squid cooked and fried with chilies, onions and in their own ink too! Very tasty!

Finally our most awaited dish, the Bailer shell! The Bailer shell was cooked thoroughly. It was a bit chewy and a little similar to squid. The spices and flavoring made it super tasty. Overall, this is a very interesting dish although I would not recommend it to families with young kids as the snail meat needs to be chewed properly.

Diotay’s Seafood Eatery is a great place to have seafood and dine! Big parties and groups will feel at home..

Diotay’s Seafood Eatery is located at 12th Gatuslao street, Bacolod City with telephone number 431-5044. Opens everyday from lunchtime to dinner.

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