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Sherly’s Chicken & Pork BBQ: Epic Beef Nilaga and Pork BBQ

We went to Sherly’s Chicken & Pork BBQ to try their famous “Nilagang Baka”🐮 which literally translates to “boiled beef soup”. Some people say it’s not really food from Negros Occidental but from Luzon. Whatever, right? As long as it tastes good!

Sherly’s is a greasy, hole in the wall, street food experience. It is awesome!

Buyers constantly Line up to buy barbecue and beef soup!

There’s two big pots right by the main entrance that’s constantly bubbling away and constantly being refilled with meat, bones and soup stock. People come and go, taking bags of soup home to their families.

Right by the pots is a long table filled with bones and meat ready to be put into the soup stock and bowls of soup for hungry diners.

The bones are what makes the soup stock so awesome. They’re boiled and the stock from the bones is used to make the soup. The meat is cut off the bones and portioned out to every order.

Sherly’s also has great BBQ!

Our favorite – Masskara – Cuts of pig face with meat, fat and soft cartilage are brushed with a marinade and grilled over a charcoal fire.

Pork Tocino – cuts of marinated pork meat are barbecued on a stick.

You can dine inside where it is dark and dingy with poor air circulation and all the smoke from the BBQ. you can also choose to dine outside at night.

Dining outside is an adventure. Not only do you have to deal with dining next to a garbage heap and a wall that people pee against, you also have to deal with hordes of street kid beggars. Fun, but keep an eye on your valuables!

After a short wait, the barbecue came back, perfectly cooked! Yum!

We love a good masskara or a bbq pig face! The masskara was perfect, with caramelized burnt bits. The pork tocino and bbq beef liver were tasty too! Sadly they were all out of chicken skin. 🐷🐔

In Kansi, the beef flavor usually gets masked by the batuan or the souring agents. The Nilagang Baka at Sherly’s is perfection. You could taste the beef essence in every spoonful.

We didn’t get the 🌶 spicy variant because we had a baby dining with us (Train them young!). At first we couldn’t get used to the taste because we’ve always been eating Kansi soup! Then after several spoonfuls we found that we did like the Nilaga! ❤️

Try Sherly’s! They’re across the street from City Mall Goldenfields! This is the go to place for people who drink and need a nourishing bowl of beef soup! Perfect after beers! 🍻

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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