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Monfort Eats-Bacolod: Fine Dining in an elegant house.

Monfort Eats – Bacolod is a new fine dining restaurant in Bacolod City. The owners converted an old house into a restaurant where they serve their heirloom recipes passed down through generations!

Monfort Eats -Bacolod is located at CL Montelibano Avenue Corner St. Peter Street, Capitol Heights, Bacolod CIty, Philippines. Opens from 11am – 9pm.

The inside of Monfort Eats -Bacolod is well-lit and gorgeous. You can see the classic wood and architecture used in the construction of the house.

We love seeing old houses that are converted into restaurants. You get to see these very personal spaces that people actually lived in and you feel a pleasant sense of being home or a visiting guest.

There are several function rooms and areas that you can book for parties and events

The best place to sit in Monfort Eats Bacolod is in the main dining room. Right by this beautiful mural with pastel flowers.

The chairs in this spot are flower themed too! If you look carefully you will find a lotus design in each chair

Beautiful and elegant.

We ordered a lot of things on Monfort Eats – Bacolod’s menu! For appetizer we had the Caesar salad. It came with croutons and bacon bits.

Caesar Salad

We ordered a lot of Entrees at Monfort Eats – Bacolod. The food is great!

We had Monfort Eats – Bacolod’s Roast beef in Red wine gravy. It came with a side of baked potato with cheese, some carrots, peas and corn. The beef was flavorful with a delicious gravy. It was great but it needed a little more gravy. Maybe we will request for extra gravy next time we visit.

Of course, we had to try the heirloom recipes of Monfort Eats – Bacolod. On their menu is a delicious chicken relleno with a sauce made from the drippings. It was moist and the sauce made the chicken taste so good. A real explosion of flavor. Definitely one of the better chicken rellenos in Bacolod.

We also ordered another heirloom recipe of Monfort Eats – Bacolod, the Holiday Beef Caldereta. It’s a very special kind of caldereta, absolutely bursting at the seams with ingredients. It is a real rich stew with beef, potatoes, olives, mushrooms, chickpeas and a lot more items. Tasty and you will definitely need a lot of rice to eat this with, it is super good.

Ordering The baked blue marlin with four cheese was a great decision! We loved the delicious cheeses that went very well with the marlin. There’s tiny bones in the marlin so be careful if you have kids in your group.

Lengua! another classic dish that is typically served during holidays. Monfort Eats – Bacolod has it on their menu! Savory beef tongue covered with a white creamy sauce. It is a delicacy beloved by many Filipinos.

Anothe Filipino favorite – Back Ribs! Juicy and sweetish!

Service was excellent an Monfort Eats – Bacolod. The staff kept refilling our glasses of water and they were quick and attentive

Do drop by their spot!

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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