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Keeka Poké – Japanese Hawaiian Poké bowls in Bacolod City

Love sushi or sashimi? We visited Keeka Poké – a place in Bacolod that offers Poké bowls! Poké is a Hawaiian dish made with fresh fish similar to our kinilaw or cerviche. Keeka serves a Japanese-Hawaiian style of Poke bowls.

Keeka Poké is located at Ani Residences, GM Cordova Avenue, Buri Road, Bacolod CIty, Philippines
Telephone number: (034) 466 8641

The inside of Keeka Poké is in black and white. Everything looks clean and sterile as it should be when working with raw fish. The aircon is cranked up to maximum coolness to help prevent spoilage.

Keeka Poké bowls start at 350 for the signature bowls. The signature bowls already come with a lot of stuff. You get rice, mixed salmon and tuna, wakame, kani salad, mango, cucumber, tenkasu, nori sheets and ebiko.

That’s a lot already! The bowls are absolutely full. If you want to, you can build your own bowl for 320. You can customize everything, add more ingredients, toppings and sauce.

Keeka Poké has Baked sushi bowls available. This is a trend where all the ingredients for a sushi roll is deconstructed and baked into an aluminum pan.

If I were to describe it, it is similar to a Rice Gratin or Doria with an emphasis on Japanese ingredients. you spoon out the baked rice and sushi ingredients and eat them with some salted nori sheets.

We watched the servers prepare our order. The bowls at Keeka Poké are quite big! Since it was our first time to order, we decided to get the Citrus Ponzu bowl. A friend of ours who had eaten at Keeka Poké numerous times chose the custom bowls.

There’s so much stuff available at Keeka Poké. The main fish available is Salmon and tuna. Both were fresh and smelled of the sea – a mark of clean fish!

The kani salad is also pretty good. It’s creamy and the crabsticks seem to be of high quality.

The toppings are also quite interesting. You have your gari or pickled ginger, furikake – a seaweed topping for rice, crispy onions and a lot more.

Here are our orders. A custom pokebowl on the left with plenty of seaweed and a bed of lettuce. A citruz ponzu bowl and a spam musubi sushi bake.

My friend is an old hand at ordering his custom bowl at Keeka Poké. He had them whip up this super healthy looking custom bowl with a bed of lettuce, wakame, ebiko roe and he chose a bed of lettuce for the whole thing.

I decided to let the staff pick my toppings and I am pleased with how it came out! The Citrus Ponzu sauce was a great combination!

The sushi bakes are hit or miss for me – if you like that sort of thing then go ahead. The Spam musubi wasn’t that bad. A little too much mayo but some people like a lot of mayo. I didn’t.

Went back and tried another sushi bake, this time the Spicy salmon sushi bake. Nig mistake as it arrived drenched in a mayo sauce. Ugh.

Keeka Poké is a great place to order poke bowls. You can ask them to customize your bowls and when in doubt, trust the staff! They make excellent recommendations!

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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