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Umami Japanese Restaurant

UMAMI Japanese Restaurant is a restaurant in Bacolod City that’s run by a Japanese-Filipino family. There’s lots of Japanese restaurants in Bacolod City but only Umami has food that is not “Filipinized”. The taste is really for Japanese palates. It’s somewhat milder than what Filipinos are used to which is a good thing!

Umami is located at 15th St. Lacson street (Behind Felicia and at the side of L’fisher hotel). We went to their place and tried their food

The shop front is so cute. They actually have little curtains spelling out the name of their shop. Inside there is a bar section which looks so much like an Izakaya.

Fun fact: The Japanese word izakaya (居酒屋) is made up of three kanji with the meaning, in order, “stay-drink-place.”

The fun bar area at Izakaya

The decor at Umami is very Japanese. They have assorted Japanese art, posters and decorations all over the place. Of note is the Japanese Daruma that they have on the shelves. A Daruma is a lucky charm that helps makes wishes come true. to reward the daruma, you paint in an eye. The Daruma at Umami hasn’t got its left eye filled in so the wish of the owner has not come true yet!

There’s assorted Japanese beers and wines at Umami!

They have so many selections! Some of these come with gold flakes!

The inside of the restaurant is clean and simple. The rest of the restaurant looks like this with wooden tables and bench type seats.

We began ordering the dishes that they have on the menu. Umami has a lot of Japanese dishes but if its your first time we recommend trying the dishes that come with a set. For the first set, we ordered chicken Karaage. The set comes with a Cabbage salad, Potato salad, Miso soup and rice.

The chicken is delicious, fried until crispy. Take note that the flavors of this dish as well as all the other dishes on the menu are catered towards Japanese tastes – not as strong tasting or salty like the dishes that Filipinos prefer.

The Kids set at Umami Bacolod is super cute! It comes served in a little red fire truck and it comes with fries, Jelly, Chicken Karaage and Juice! Super cute especially the little Japanese flag on top!

There’s a lot of Japanese curry dishes on the menu! Umami bacolod has Katsu curry and a lot of other stuff but we settled for our first dish of Japanese curry Udon noodles! Very tasty!

Our appetizers were Japanese gyoza.

This set is the Hirekatsu Set meal (pork tenderloin).

We also got the mixed tempura set. It came with fried shrimp tempura and assorted vegetables all fried up and made crispy.

What a feast!

Umami Bacolod has omurice! It’s a Japanese comfort food of ketchup flavored rice wrapped in an egg omelet. You usually see this type of dish in Japanese anime. You can try this dish at umami Bacolod but order something else with this as it’s just egg, rice and ketchup, You may not be satisfied with just this.

Noodles! The only thing lacking at Umami Bacolod is Japanese Ramen but they have a lot of other noodle dishes to make up for it. They have Japanese Yakisoba which is a dish of fried Japanese noodles. If you’re a fan of instant Yakisoba noodles, the real thing is super good. This dish is like the Filipino noodle dish, pancit.

Umami has a lot of rice bowls and the one that we really like is the Hogayaki Don – a dish of grilled ginger pork. It came with potato salad.

For dessert we had the dish of Coffee parfait. It has two scoops of vanilla ice cream, coffee jelly, milk and chocolate syrup.

Try Umami Bacolod! They’re located at 15th St. Lacson street (Behind Felicia and at the side of L’fisher hotel

☎️(034) 706 6152

😊 Open from 11am – 2pm, 4pm – 10pm. Closed every Monday.

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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