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Café Giardino – best Roast beef (Lechon Baka) in Bacolod City!

Café Giardino is a remarkable café that is very popular at parties in Bacolod. They serve roast beef or lechon baka. But this is not your ordinary lechon baka. Cafe Giardino has mastered the art of the portable grill and they will show up at your party, grill in tow ready to serve your guests freshly cooked roast beef.

We discovered Café Giardino when they were participating at an event at Ayala Malls Capitol Central. We were walking by and we saw this huge skewer of meat atop a bed of coals.

We placed our orders and opted to have our beef cooked medium. We ordered a side dish of potatoes and carrots and watched as the slicer prepared our orders.

This was fantastic! The beef was soft and tender, with a generous mix of herbs and plenty of rosemary. The sauce was rich and also laden with pepper and herbs. The beef was super delicious with the gravy and it made us order another order of extra rice just to soak up it all up.

We asked the owners of Café Giardino if we could hire them for a private party. The rates of Café Giardino for in-house grilling is 1000 pesos for 1 kilogram of beef (weight before cooking) with a minimum of 2 kilos per order. If you are ordering less than 5 kilos, there is an additional 250 peso fee to pay for the person who will be slicing the meat.

After our wonderful experience at the event, we decided to go visit Café Giardino themselves at their physical store. They’re located on 11th street, Tops road behind Saint John’s Institute and beside Sid’s Cafe and Bakery. Telephone number: 0917 326 0974

Café Giardino is a simple, open air restaurant with leaves painted on its walls. It is very popular with call center agents and old La Salle students. The café is open during the daytime but currently most of the menu items are available only during nighttime (6pm onwards) as this place is a night spot.

When we first got there for lunch, most of the items weren’t available or out of stock so we had to settle for fried vegetable lumpia. 70 pesos will get you ten pieces. Quite good.

Fried Spring Rolls 70 php for 10 pieces!

We returned a few days later in the evening to try their specials. Café Giardino recommended their Spicy fried chicken. 140 php will get you three pieces of fried chicken with a spicy-sweet sauce, perfect to pair with a bottle of beer!

Spicy chicken 140php for three pieces

If you want something a bit nuttier, they have Pork Satay on the menu. Cafe Giardino’s Pork Satay is barbecued meat skewers with a savory peanut sauce served with yellow “achuete” rice and pickled papaya.

Sate babe (pork Satay) 120 php

We also had the tuna pasta – it was a massive serving of noodles and it came with two slabs of buttered, toasted bread with pesto garlic on top. Very tasty and filling. The fettucine was creamy, sprinkled with parmesan and the taste was enhanced when you take a mouthful of pasta and the pesto garlic bread. Super nice!

Tuna pasta

Cafe Giardino is great! Contact them for your roast beef at your parties!

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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