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Sodam The Kimchi: Sodam Korean Restaurant’s newest branch in Bacolod at The Shophouse Heritage!

We went to the new SODAM the Kimchi branch at The Shophouse Heritage! (Corner BS. Aquino – 6th street, Bacolod City.) Sodam the Kimchi has unlimited Samgyupsal, Korean Fried chicken, US Angus beef, Bingsu iced desserts and more!

The shophouse heritage is an area built to resemble colorful buildings in Singapore!

The inside of Sodam The Kimchi is gorgeous – a Muji-inspired interior that marries wood, concrete and steel. Very pretty and functional. The interior is simple but elegant! Sodam the Kimchi hired famous Architect Cris Laino for the interior and he did a fantastic job!

The inside of Sodam was designed by architect Chris laino and incorporates wood, stone and steel for a semi-modern Asian look!

The grills look very elegant and are brand new!

Here’s the menu! What is nice is that there is a provision for dining SOLO!

Have you ever been turned away at other samgyupsal places because you’re the only one dining? Not at Sodam the kimchi! Just pay a hundred pesos more – and you can eat by yourself!

No more judgmental looks from wait staff. You CAN eat SAMGYUP Solo!

This is the menu at Sodam The Kimchi! There’s Pork Bacon, Pork Samgyupsal, Pork Moksal (neck), Spicy pork, Chicken Bulgogi, spicy Chicken, Beef Bulgogi, Spicy Korean Beef and US Angus Beef.

Each tray of meat is hygienically prepared and stored securely in a chiller!

Time to try the U.S. Angus beef and Pork Moksal. They’re very thin slices of meat and they cook pretty fast. We can easily put away a lot of thin beef slices! They’re so good.

We also grilled some of the spicy beef at Sodam The Kimchi (and more angus beef).

Grilling the meat is a simple affair. Just turn on Sodam The kimchi’s grill and you’re ready to go! The oil and grease drips down into a chamber.

Protip: When dining at Sodam The Kimchi, you can request for cheese! It comes in a little bowl that you can heat up right on the grill.

There’s unlimited Korean fried Chicken at Sodam The Kimchi! The two best flavors are the Yang Nyeom chicken and the Honey Soy Chicken! Yummy!!! You’re not locked in to just having grilled meat. We had kids dining with us and they preferred the fried chicken over the grilled meats!

There’s also Korean Ice Cream for dessert at Sodam The Kimchi! You can have Yogurt ice cream, Samanco chocolate ice cream and Melona ice creams.

We spotted the original owner of Sodam – Jin, dining with his family. Stay tuned for the new Sodam opening up soon! Jin says that they will make the original Sodam on Lacson street into a more Korean oriented place. That means plenty of Korean dishes!

Sodam- The Kimchi’s latest branch has excellent parking with disability access. The parking area at The Shophouse heritage has numerous parking spots!

Sodam The Kimchi Opens from 11am to 9pm Mondays to Sundays

Telephone number: 09198193844

Official Facebook Page:

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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