Xin Chào: Awesome Vietnamese Food Stall in Bacolod City.

Xin Chào is an amazing Vietnamese food stall in Bacolod City!

Every lunchtime, there’s crowds of People at the SM Bacolod food court but the biggest line is always at Xin Chào! It’s amazing to see how much people in Bacolod love Vietnamese food!

Crowds of people lining up to buy Vietnamese food at Xin Chào!

Xin Chào Vietnamese food has a very long stall filled with all of the ingredients that they use to make their food. The stall looks very attractive to passers-by with rolls of special Vietnamese bread and other things familiar to people in Bacolod City. Let’s take an in-depth look! Read more below!

has a very attractive looking food stall

The most popular Vietnamese food that Xin Chào sells are their Bánh MìVietnamese sandwiches. People in Bacolod City love Báhn Mi!

You can’t make Bánh Mì without bread and Xin Chào has special Vietnamese bread rolls. These are NOT French baguettes. They are something quite similar. The Vietnamese bread rolls are softer and smaller. The Vietnamese learned how to make bread from the French colonizers. The Vietnamese then created Bánh Mì sandwiches – a popular Vietnamese streetfood that is to Vietnamese what fishballs and kwek kwek are to Filipinos.

Each roll of bread at Xin Chào is spread with Xin Cháo special meat paste and egg butter.

There’s a lot of fillings available for your Bánh Mì sandwich at Xin Chào Vietnamese food in Bacolod City – Take a look at the menu below!

You can have vegetarian, crispy chicken, chicken ham, and Vietnamese ham along with pork sausage and roasted pork… that’s just to name a few.

What’s amazing is that none of these sandwiches at Xin Chào are above 100 pesos! For the price of a burger meal at a fast-food restaurant, you already get a healthy, freshly made sandwich!

There’s a lot of condiments and items on the menu just waiting to make your Bánh Mì sandwich. The most popular sandwich according to Xin Chào’s waitress is the pork sausage but we honestly prefer the roast pork. It is very much like the Filipino dish Lechon Kawali. We recommend first timers to try this sandwich first.

Egg butter, meat paste, roast pork, beef, vegetables… There’s so much Báhn Mi ingredients!
These are the fried lumpia or vietnamese spring rolls alongside the specially made vietnamese pork sausage. These are a little like the Filipino longanisa.

We ordered three Bánh Mìfrom Xin Chào to try. The first Bánh Mì was the roast pork Bánh Mì vietnamese sandwich. It’s our favorite sandwich. It came spread with egg butter, meat paste and it had plenty of vegetables and pork floss!

The next sandwich that we got from Xin Chào was their fried chicken fillet sandwich! Deep fried pieces of chicken with the same egg butter, meat paste and vegetables. Ask them to make it spicy (its not that spicy) for a nice kick in flavour.

Spicy fried chicken Báhn Mi at Xin Chào

The most popular Bánh Mì at Xin Chào Bacolod City is their Pork Sausage Bánh Mì. It tastes similar to Philippine Sausage aka Longanisa but not that sweet.

Vietnamese Pork sausage Báhn Mi at Xin Chào

After all those lovely Xin Chào sandwiches its time to try the Bún Thái – rice soup noodles. We decided to get the Beef Bún Thái at Xin Chào Bacolod.

Every time you order from Xin Chào Bacolod, it seems that everyone in the SM Bacolod Food court is looking at what you ordered! The food looks nice and colorful. It will definitely attract attention!

We were very surprised at the Beef Bún Thái – rice soup noodles. There’s a lot of vegetables, meat and surprise – even mushrooms and sausages in the soup!

Xin Chào’s Beef Bún Thái soup is a bit sour, just like the sour Filipino dish sinigang. It was not what we were expecting and yet the combination was absolutely delicious. Something new but still familiar. The only thing that we would like was for the soup to be extremely hot. It was not hot enough for us. We’re not griping. For safety reasons the soup can’t be as hot as we prefer it to be since it might spill and burn someone in the food court.

You should also try the drinks at Xin Chào Vietnamese Food Bacolod! Xin Chào currently has four drinks but our favorite drink the Tamarind Juice was not available. We had to settle instead for the Xin Chào drink which is Jell-O and Chia seeds. We also got iced Caphe Vietnam – an iced coffee drink.

If they have the Tamarind juice when you visit – order it. It is highly recommended. There’s desiccated coconut shavings and peanuts. It’s more of a meal than a drink.

Chia Seeds
Caphe Vietnam

For salads, try the Bún Thit Nuong. This rice noodle salad is full of vegetables and has whatever toppings you desire – we chose to have the Vietnamese sausages on this one. Very good and extremely filling.

Another popular snack are the Guoi Cuon. They’re rice paper vegetable rolls and they are extremely popular in Bacolod as a snack.

Try Xin Chào today! They’re located at the second floor SM Food Court Bacolod City. Opening hours are normal mall hours.

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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