CCS Chemical Trading supply: Make your own soap, essential oil, perfumes, candles, drinks, and more!

Feeling Crafty? Check out CCS Chemical trading supply in Bacolod City! CCS Chemical Trading supply has everything you need if you want to try your hand at soapmaking, making and mixing essential oils, creating your own soap, perfumes, drinks or candles! The sky’s the limit!

CCS Chemical supply’s second branch is located in the Capitol Shopping Center area of Bacolod City, on Narra Avenue. Telephone number 0939 655 1447

There’s so much to see at CCS Chemical trading supply! Let’s get started at some of the stuff that they have:

1. Essential oils

You’ll enjoy the wide range of oils that CCS Chemical trading supply has in stock. They’re one of the better stocked places in Bacolod city.

They have rose oil, eucalyptus, orange oil, lavender, banana, jasmine oil, lemongrass, peppermint, and a lot more. CCS Chemical supply sells this oils in big bottles or in smaller conveniently sized ones so you can sample what they have.

All oils are food grade.

2. Fragrances

Are you a budding perfume, soap or candle maker? There’s liquid scents available! There’s a lot of fragrances such as Calamansi and many more at CCS Chemical Trading supply! They also have popular scents made by big manufacturers so if you’re a fan of a certain laundry soap’s fragrance, you can make that too!

3. Soap and candle making

Okay, this is something really interesting for a lot of people! You can make your own soaps using the ingredients found in CCS Chemical Trading supply. If you want to make your soap from the ground up, they have the basic materials: Soda ash, Caustic Soda and a lot more. Soap making from scratch is quite difficult and involves a long process but the final result is worth it!

You can add in premium ingredients such as vitamin C (ascorbic acid powder) and imported german beeswax to make a natural soap!

3. Candle Making

What else can you make with the stuff at CCS Chemical supply? You can make candles too! The beeswax and oils at CCS can be combined to make lovely aromatic candles.

You can also get slabs of paraffin, ready to be melted down and mixed with ingredients! Candle making is easy and fun!

4. Ointments and Lotions

You can also make your own lip balm and lotions using the products at CCS Chemical Supply! They have ointment containers and even glycerin – the stuff used to make skin soft and moisturized!

5. Drinks!

There are a lot of bottles and containers at CCS Chemical Supply! You can make teas, juices and package them in bottles or teabags!

There’s all sorts of bottles from plastic to glass.

For making drinks, check out these flavors already available at CCS Chemical Supply. They have mango, apple, orange, cola and strawberry along with common FDA approved drink preservatives such as Citric Acid and Sodium Benzoate. You can also use these flavors to make gummy worms, candies and other awesome stuff!

Mango flavor
Apple flavor
Caramel food coloring

Fancy making your own juice drink in tetra packs? CCS Chemical supply sells these foil tetra packs along with a juice filling machine!

6. Capsules

Are you making your own herbal supplements, or making your own remedies? CCS Chemical supply has gelatin capsules in opaque and clear colors!

CCS Chemical supply also sells special shrink-wraps – the kind you use to seal small bottles. Perfect for sealing and packaging your homemade essential oils and drinks!

The shrink wrap cover and plastic to shrink it further.

There’s a lot more to check out at CCS Chemical supply so if you’re curious, drop by and ask for assistance from the friendly staff!

CCS Chemical Trading supply is located at Narra Avenue, capitol Shopping Center Beside Sophia’s and City Lunch. Telephone numbers 09396551447 / 09668667472

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