Nosh Deli: Awesome charcuterie boxes and boards for your events!

We’ve got great news for all you party fans! Nosh has now opened a physical store in Bacolod City! The new Nosh Deli is now open for take out and light snacks!

What is Nosh? Nosh is a local Bacolod City caterer that is known for their famous charcuterie boards and trays. A lot of parties, events and weddings chose Nosh and we would always get so hungry looking at pictures on social media!

Nosh has now opened a physical store where you can pick up, make orders or enjoy a light snack or two. This is perfect for people who are in a rush or people who are looking for a classy gift to give to friends or family. The new Nosh Deli makes it extremely convenient and easy.

The new Nosh Deli is located at 24th Lacson Street, Corner Gatuslao Street Bacolod City. Telephone number 0908 820 8358

We went to Nosh to check out what they had. Their Deli serves as a showroom with their products and goodies arranged attractively.

There’s no need for air-conditioning in Nosh’s Deli! Since they’re at a corner, there’s plenty of fresh air and there’s a nice cool breeze that is always blowing!

There’s this table right when you enter that’s full of stuff that you could buy!

So pretty!

There’s these cute charcuterie boards that will definitely give your guests something to talk about when you use these at your next get together!

These are so cute! Definitely conversation pieces!

The table is filled with products from nosh! They have Dark Chocolate Bars 67%, Their own coffee blend and cute soy candles that smell so good!

These coffee and candles (in the glasses) are a perfect gift for friends! We love the minimalistic, low impact packaging!

Nosh has a sandwich menu and a charcuterie board menu where one can select the meats and cheese they want for their tray or box. Since it was our first time ever – we opted to get a box – Yay!

You can customize your box from the menu and there are several sizes. Since it was our first time, we decided to settle on a pre-made box. It came out beautifully!

This gift box is so very pretty!

There’s a lot of stuff in Nosh Deli’s gift boxes. We got the smallest one but still it was pretty packed. There were two kinds of cheese – a white Brie in the midle topped with dried cranberries and Emmental cubes. There was prosciutto and salami paired with some ice cold and sweetest seedless grapes we have ever tasted. There were also pistachios for some added crunch and texture!

Yay! Our very first gift box from Nosh!

Nosh also has some sandwiches for visitors who want to stop by and grab a bite to eat. We tried two of their sandwiches.

We love chicken sandwiches so we had to try Nosh Deli’s Buffalo Not Wings. It’s a spicy take on a chicken salad sandwich. There’s buffalo sauce and a blue cheese sauce.

Buffalo Not Wings. The spiciness is just right. There’s a delicious ZING from the spice.

We had their Prosciutto sandwich – No. 24. We picked this sandwich because it had prosciutto, arugula and fig butter. The varied tastes and nutty texture of the fig butter (fig seeds!) made this sandwich very interesting!

Drop by Nosh Deli today! You can get into contact with them via their Facebook page for advanced orders and bookings for parties.

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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