Tiffany’s Confections: Elegant Artisan Dessert Restaurant in Bacolod City.

Tiffany’s Confections is an artisan dessert restaurant in Bacolod city. They’ve moved locations several times over the years and their final location this 2021 is the best yet. Tiffany’s Confections is now located at #2 Ochoa and 18th street Bacolod city in an old house dating back to the 1940’s.

The new restaurant is very pretty. The house has distinct architectural features dating back to that era and when you enter Tiffany’s confections, there’s a nice, relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. It’s almost as if the house itself is happy to have you there!

Tiffany’s Confections has a large lawn. The house is so cute.

At Tiffany’s confections, There’s a little Gazebo / outdoor area where you can sit and have your tea. There’s plenty of fresh air and there is no noisy traffic. However as there is just a net roofing, it can get quite hot or even wet during the rainy season. Sit here in the late afternoons or when the weather permits.

The Gazebo would look great with some flowering vines on it!

When you enter Tiffany’s Confection’s you can immediately see this very nice rustic looking area with the cakes in the display cases and little pastries on plates. You can place your order here and then go to the rest of the restaurant.

The very nice foyer area of Tiffany’s Confections.

We just love the new Tiffany’s Confections! The living room and first floor of the house has been transformed into a restaurant with tables and chairs. There are large glass windows with openings to let in the cool air.

The first floor houses the dining area and the kitchens.

There’s a large dining table right beside the entrance to Tiffany’s Confections. This spot has a nice view of the gazebo and the garden. Notice anything different? This table is super unique as it is made from a door! They just placed a plate of thick glass on it. Very creative and very remarkable! There’s also a curio cabinet right beside the table where you can see the owner’s collection of curios and knick-knacks.

There’s a three seater love seat right by the window.

The most popular spot to sit at Tiffany’s Confections are these two tables. They offer a great view of the mini fountain and of the side garden. There’s almost always some diners sitting here so if you do find these spots vacant, take a seat!

This spot at Tiffany’s Confections is super relaxing. It’s so nice to view the garden and the fountain.

The farthest table is another big one with its own personal view of the garden, a skylight to let in plenty of light, and a small side table with decorations.

This spot at Tiffany’s Confections is perfect for meetings and conferences. The skylight lets in plenty of natural light without being too hot or too bright.

The beautiful skylight. There’s an old style electric lamp hanging from it too. Very pretty!

Tiffany’s Confections is know for their desserts but they also have an extensive selection of meals that you should definitely should try. We decided to order our favorite dessert treats at Tiffany’s Confections while trying out their new meals too.

Here’s what we got for lunch! We ordered the popular Hot Spinach Dip and to make things a little more “international”, we picked the Kimchi fried rice and one of the popular very first dessert we ever tried at Tiffany’s Confections – the Kalabasa cream cheese roll.

Hot Spinach Dip with Baguette, Kimchi fried rice with spam and a Kalabasa cream cheese roll.

Here’s what we think of Tiffany’s Confection’s food!

The Hot Spinach Dip is made of local water spinach (kangkong) and mixed all up with cream cheese and other ingredients. It is then served with slices of toasted baguettes. It is so yummy! Extremely appetizing and since there’s a lot, this is practically a meal in itself. Very good for just 160 pesos! Highly recommended.

Try the Hot Spinach Dip at Tiffany’s Confections.

Fancy something a little spicy and substantial? The Kimchi fried rice at Tiffany’s Confections may be right up your alley. It’s a simple dish of fried slices of spam, bacon bits (quite thick!) and kimchi fried rice topped with a sunny side up egg.

Tiffany’s Confections Kimchi fried rice – 260 pesos

Tiffany’s Confections also has several kinds of Pasta. We got their Penne al Arrabiata which is a spicy pasta dish with Bacon, Tomato, chili and basil. When we ordered this, the cashier informed us that basil was out of stock but we really wanted to have a pasta dish so we said that lack of Basil didn’t matter. The pasta was still very good!

Tiffany’s Confection’s Penne al Arrabiata (sans Basil) – very good at just 165 pesos! Huge and came with a hunk of bread.

For dessert we had the Kalabasa Cream Cheese roll. This is one of Tiffany’s Confections’ best sellers and the first dessert we tried when Tiffany’s first opened in Bacolod City.

This is a roll made with Kalabasa (squash) and sweet cream cheese. It’s sprinkled with powdered confectioners sugar. This is very nice and simple but it is quite addictive!

Tiffany’s Confections famous Kalabasa Cream Cheese Roll. It’s just 70 php for a delicious slice!

Tiffany’s Confections is known for their Mango cheesecake! Fresh mangos top a mango flavored cheesecake drizzled with mango syrup and whipped cream. Delicious all the way to the graham cracker crust.

There’s a lot to see and try at Tiffany’s Confections! Please come and give them a visit! The place is great and the meals are delicious and affordable.

Tiffany’s Confections is located at #2 Ochoa and 18th Street, Bacolod City. They’re open from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm.

Telephone number: 0922 800 8178

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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