The Dhaba Indian Restaurant: A Taste of India In Bacolod City

There’s a great place to have Indian food in Bacolod City. The Dhaba – an Indian Restaurant has moved to a new and more accessible place. Their new location is on B.S. Aquino street, at the Shophouse Heritage, Unit #33, second floor.

There’s also a Yoga Studio (Prana) beside it so if you want to try yoga, check out the awesome studio.

When you enter The Dhaba, it is a big space but it is a bit dim inside. There are numerous colorful murals and wall paintings. Everything is orange and the ceiling is made of woven bamboo. The brightest spots are the ones nearest the windows.

Get used to seating on these indian style benches and low tables. You’re meant to sit cross legged – indian style!

What does the restaurant name Dhaba mean? In Hindi, Dhaba means a roadside eatery or Indian – style restaurant most commonly seen by the side of the road.

Decorated clay pots and Kites evoke the hot summer days of India.
The best spot to sit in The Dhaba is by the windows (blue table). There’s plenty of fresh air and a view of B.S. Aquino street.

The Dhaba has an extensive menu of Indian dishes. There’s plenty of vegetarian dishes and there’s plenty of meat based dishes too such as fish, chicken, pork and mutton (goat). There’s also Indian sweets and desserts.

Since we are used to eating Indian Food, we went ahead and ordered our favourite dishes. We got Chicken Biryani, Chicken Rogan Josh, Rose syrup lassi and two rotis to eat with the Rogan Josh and Biryani.

Rose syrup Lassi, Chicken Biryani Chicken Rogan Josh, Roti and a side dish of yogurt and onions for the biryani.

You can set the spiciness level at The Dhaba. If you’re not used to spicy food, have the cooks set the spiciness level of the food to the lowest level.

These are the dishes that we ordered.

Chicken Rogan Josh.

Rogan Josh is a tomato and chili based curry dish. It is a very fragrant dish with plenty of aromatic spices. Our dish came topped with yogurt and butter. This is a good dish to introduce someone to Indian cuisine.


The Dhaba’s Rogan Josh is like a stew, with chunks of chicken in it. The best way to eat this is to take a spoonful of Rogan josh, some biryani, and put it all on a bit of roti

So good! There’s butter, yogurt, spices and all sorts of good things in this

People living in Bacolod City really have the most refined palates in the Philippines. Did you know that just in the Bacolod Villamonte area, on B.S. Aquino street there are at least FOUR indian restaurants? They all serve biryani rice so you are really spoilt for choice. The price ranges from very cheap to moderate so take your pick. The Dhaba is the only one that is a real sit-down restaurant. (not carinderia style)

The Dhaba also has different kinds of Biryani Rice ranging from chicken, pork and mutton. For newcomers to Indian food, it is a good idea to order their Chicken Biryani and ask for level one spiciness. This is a dish that is good for sharing.

The Dhaba chicken biryani

There’s a whole chicken leg in the biryani! It’s quite huge and if you are sharing this with another person, We suggest requesting The Dhaba’s cooks to chop it up into pieces for sharing.

The chicken is also marinated in indian spices. It’s very delicious.

Another dish that we tried is their buttered chicken. It is almost like the chicken Rogan josh but with more butter! Lol. Very nice and tasty. Wash away the spiciness with a cool refreshing glass of Lassi.

Butter Chicken at the Dhaba.

Lassi is a cold, mixed yogurt drink. It is perfect for taking away the spiciness of the food as the fat in the dairy product deactivates the capsaicin receptors on your tongue. The Dhaba has several flavors of Lassi such as the popular Mango Lassi but we chose to try something different, the Rose Lassi made with rose petal syrup. It is very nice, with a distinct floral taste. It might be too unusual for those who have never tried rose syrup before so stick with Mango Lassi instead.

The Dhaba is a great Indian Restaurant to try Indian food in Bacolod City. It is the most mainstream out of all the Indian Restaurants in Bacolod city. It may be a little too quirky or unusual for those accustomed to traditional restaurants but for those willing to take the plunge… “Variety is the spice of life.”

The Dhaba is located at B.S. Aquino street, at the Shophouse Heritage, Unit #33, second floor.

The Dhaba Opens at 9am and closes at 8pm
Telephone number: 0966 243 8719

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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