Fine Dining in Bacolod is awesome at Café Uma.

Fine dining in Bacolod City? We highly recommend Café Uma. This awesome, award-winning café with a menu by Chef Jumi Gaston has a beautiful interior with great food and excellent service. Café Uma should be on your list of restaurants to visit when you are in Negros Occidental, Bacolod City.

The interior of Café Uma

Café Uma is located at Paseo Verde on Lacson Street, Bacolod City. The interior of the restaurant looks like a rustic sugarcane farmer’s house with metal roofs and plenty of wood. You’ll enjoy the various items found in Café Uma as most of its décor is sourced from local Negrense producers and artists.

There’s plenty of fancy lights and wooden décor at Café Uma

Café Uma’s food is awesome! They have international dishes and local comfort food served in Silay like the famous Monseigneur Gaston’s French onion soup, The Millionaire’s Adobo (for pre order) and many more dishes.

We ordered a dish of Café Uma’s Chicken Vegetable and Queso Quesadillas. This savory appetizer was very delightful and helped passed the time while waiting for our main courses.

Chicken Vegetable and Queso Quesadillas

While waiting, we passed the time looking the various decorations at Café Uma. There’s a lot of art and delightful surprises if you look carefully. We won’t spoil them all but if you dine at Café Uma, keep your eyes peeled for this CUTE painting of a mouse enjoying a glass of wine!

This little mouse will surely spark Joy when you find it!

While you’re waiting for your food you can browse artwork and handicrafts by Negrense Artists and producers. There’s little gems everywhere you look.

This diorama is made by artist Ramon de Los Santos.
You could also get some cards and toys to benefit the Talarak Foundation.

Our courses arrived. We had the Paella Tostada, The Mixed grill platter, Gnocchi and Osso Bucco.

Cafe Uma’s Paella Tostada, Mixed grill plat

Café Uma has one of the most unique Paella in Bacolod City. Try their Paella Tostada! It’s a really good Squid Ink Paella with squid, chorizo and an omelet on top. The squid and chorizo are finely minced so the Paella is actually very smooth and silky. Very tasty and it’s certainly quite different from regular Paella!

Café Uma is the only one place in Bacolod city that serves Gnocchi! This is an Italian dish of dumplings. If you like pasta, Give Café Uma’s Gnocchi a try. The delicious, chewy texture of pasta is there with a slight tenderness. This is served with Italian Sausage and Pancetta.

Café Uma’s Italian sausage and Pancetta.

Fancy a meal that has a little bit of everything? Check out Café Uma’s mixed grill platter. This giant platter has fries, an apple fruit salad, a lettuce salad, Grilled sausage, grilled chicken and Pork all topped with a dollop or sour cream. Absolutely excellent. It’s perfect for sharing as there is so much variety on one plate.

Café Uma has a really good beef Osso Bucco. This is a stew of beef and vegetables. Café Uma’s Osso Bucco is very rich tasting and it comes with a chunk of cornbread too! Eating cornbread and the ossobuco is a treat! The slightly sweet taste of the cornbread complements the savory flavors of the stew. Take our advice and dip the cornbread into the stew. Super delicious!

Cafe Uma’s Osso Bucco

We thought at first that Café Uma had a name that was Italian. We realized soon after that it meant “Farm” or Uma in Hiligaynon. The Farm Cafe.

We had a great time at Cafe Uma. The dishes are unique and you will have a great dining experience unlike any other in Bacolod City. It’s a part fine dining, museum and art exhibit all in one awesome restaurant.

Visit Café Uma at their store at Paseo Verde, Lacson Street, Bacolod City.

Café Uma is open from 11am-3pm and then from 5pm – 8:30 pm daily.
Café Uma’s Telephone numbers are: 709-9966, 0922 847 6280

Official Facebook Page:

They’re on Grab! Order via the app!

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