Subarashii: Delicious Homemade Ramen that’s restaurant quality!

Subarashii is a surprisingly good Ramen restaurant in Bacolod City that is run out of a garage in a subdivision. Looks are certainly deceiving as Subrashii serves delicious, high quality ramen while maintaining a nice homey atmosphere.

Subarashii Ramen is located at  B34 L11, Santa Lucia St, Eroreco subdivision Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. They’re open from 11am to 7pm Mondays to sundays. Telephone number:
0917 158 4015/ 0905 222 0979

There’s a lot of restaurants sprouting up everywhere in Bacolod City. Subarashii, like most of them was established due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The owners of Subarashii decided to convert their house into a small restaurant business to keep them afloat during hard times.

Their efforts paid off as their first customers were call center agents attracted to the affordable but delicious Ramen and Japanese food.

The beautiful garden of Subarashii. This restaurant is small – there are only three tables!

We heard so many good things about this restaurant so we went to visit Subrashii. It was a nice cloudy day – perfect weather to have a nice bowl of Ramen.

Subarashii has several kinds of Ramen and Japanese dishes. These range from 135 – 200 pesos. These are very affordable and if you can’t make it to their restaurant, you can have your order delivered too.

We got Subarashii Ebi Tonkotsu Ramen and a plate of gyoza to go along with it. The Ebi Ramen came with plenty of wood-ear mushrooms, a square of seaweed, some meat, a delicious ramen egg and a shrimp “lumpia”.

Ebi Tonkotsu Ramen 200 php, Gyoza 135 php

Gyoza are Japanese pan-fried dumplings and they are a very popular dish. Subrashii has nice crispy Gyoza that are a great complement and side dish to their ramen.

Gyoza – 135 php

We were expecting something really simple with Subarashii Ramen. Since it was run out of a garage, we weren’t expecting much but from the very first spoonful, we immediately enjoyed the Ramen. It was creamy with just the right amount of flavor. The soup needed to be a little hotter because we prefer very hot ramen. Another weak point are the noodles but the flavor and the “add-ons” more than make up for it.

Overall this is quite good Ramen. The price is affordable and the ramen is surprisingly tasty. We particularly liked the Shrimp “lumpia”. The head and the tail are just there for decoration but the middle is a delicious shrimp roll. Highly recommended.

Subarashii’s Ebi Tonkotsu Ramen -200 php

Fun fact: Tonkotsu means Pork bones. So if you’re having Tonkotsu Ramen, it means that the broth is made using boiled pork bones for a rich delicious flavor.

Subrashii has Katsudon, a deep fried pork cutlet that is served over rice and liberally doused in a special sweet-savory sauce. Very nicely priced at 135 pesos. This is already a filling meal. The rice is good quality rice and it was a pleasure to eat this. It might be a bit basic but this is a crowd pleaser meal, a favourite.

Katsudon – 135 php

If you like Spicy food, we highly recommend the Spicy Subarashii Tonkotsu Ramen. It’s the same rich pork bone broth but this time it is kicked up a notch with the addition of a spicy sauce flavouring. Super good! It is our favourite ramen at Subarashii.

Subarashii Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen – 180 php and Chicken Karaage – 155php

The Subarashii Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen is super good. It comes with two slices of grilled pork, wood-ear mushrooms and a delicious ramen egg. We love love love how they cook the Ramen egg at Subarashii. The soft cooked yolk has a fantastic flavor that we look forward to everytime we eat Ramen. Some of our friends like to stir the yolk into the broth but we like just eating the whole thing in one bite. Itadakimasu!


We’ve always liked Chicken Karaage and the Karaage at Subarashii is right up our alley. It comes with a side salad of Cabbage with Kewpie sesame dressing plus a Japanese mayo and mustard sauce. Simple and delicious.


Give Subarashii Ramen a try. This place is small but it certainly packs a punch. Call first to ask for table availability as there are only three tables available. They also deliver so you can enjoy their Ramen in the safety of your own home.

The Bacolod food hunters did not accept or receive any Freebies or payment for this article.

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