Bagnetwork Bistro: Awesome crispy pork bagnet in Bacolod city.

Bagnetwork Bistro is a new restaurant in Bacolod city that serves Bagnet.

Bagnet is crispy, deep fried pork belly. It’s originally a dish from the northern part of the Philippines.

You can find Bagnetwork Bistro at Carmen street, in Bacolod city’s Libertad market. It’s a small restaurant run out of a converted garage

Bagnetwork is a simple restaurant.
The tables are simple. You can opt to dine in or take out. They also deliver via Maxim.

Bagnetwork’ Bistro’s main dishes are bagnet kare kare, bagnet sinigang and bagnet with several different kinds of sauces.

We visited them and when we sat down we were given a complimentary bowl of crisps and a dipping sauce to try. It was a nice touch and we nibbled on it while waiting for our orders.

Jav chips. Nice flour crisps that are perfectly fried and perfect as an appertizer.

We got Bagnetwork Bistro’s sweet potato fries. One order is pretty big and it came with a sweetish garlic mayo dip.

Bagnetwork’s sweet potato (kamote) fries.

The main attraction at Bagnetwork Bistro are their bagnet meals. Their standard meal is their crispy bagnet served with a dipping sauce of your choice. In this photo we ordered their Thai dipping sauce. Very nice and a bit different from normal vinegar.

The meal comes with rice and a small side of corn, carrots and green peas.

Bagnetwork Bistro’s crispy bagnet.

Highly recommended on Bagnetwork Bistro’s menu is their bagnet kare kare. Kare kare is a peanut based stew with plenty of vegetables. It’s a familiar Filipino comfort food.

There’s a generous amount of meat and vegetables in Bagnetwork bistro’s Kare kare. The peanut stew is thick and creamy.

All their meals come with rice and are just around 120-130 pesos.

Bagnetwork’s Kare kare.

Try out Bagnetwork Bistro today. They’re also on maxim so feel free to have your meals delivered.

Bagnetwork Bistro is located at Carmen street, Libertad Market, Bacolod City.
Telephone number: 09173051072

Opens Mondays to Saturdays 10 am to 9pm.

Facebook page:


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