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Hamál BCD – An amazing store serving the best Kebabs and Kebab Platters in Bacolod City.

Hamál BCD is an amazing store that first started out as a stall run by an OFW then a home business then finally they just put up their restaurant in Bacolod City! They serve really good kebabs, pitas and dips!

Hamál BCD‘s new store is located at BS Aquino street, beside Ting Ting’s fruit stand (under the tree!)

Hamál BCD is open from 11am to 7pm daily.

Hamál BCD is nice and cool because of the tree. There’s sofas to sit on and long chairs and benches. Despite being near the busy B.S. Aquino road, this place feels quite cozy and quiet. For alcoholic drinks, you can order from Clockout bar which shares the same space.

The seating at Hamál BCD
So pretty! Sofas!

Since we’ve already tried their food before (see article below) we chose to try their famous mixed grill platters, some fried chicken and mutabbal – a middle eastern eggplant dip.

The owner Don Las Pinas is still the one doing the grilling! He expertly grilled and prepared our orders!

Don Las Pinas doing the grilling.

Our appetizer arrived – Mutabal. Mutabal is a rustic dip made with smoky eggplant, yoghurt and tahini. Very delicious! It just needed a little more lemon to be perfect.

The pitas are unlike any pita in bacolod. They’re chewy and very filling.

The mixed grill platter came with potatoes, toum (garlic sauce), grilled eggplant, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and two grilled kebabs (chicken and beef). Very very filling.

How to eat? Just pile everything on a pita and devour!

Old article below from when they had their stall in NGC!

Hamál BCD is an amazing stall that serves the best Kebabs in Bacolod City! We visited them at their little pop up stall at the NGC Marketplace and we were super duper impressed! Read more about our experience below!

Hamál BCD is located at the NGC Marketplace in the big central courtyard. Look for their black sign.

The owner Don Las Pinas and his wife love Mediterranean food so much! Don told us that he had worked in the middle east for some time and he decided to bring the food back to Bacolod City.

The timing is especially right because of the large population of OFWS who came home during the pandemic. These OFWS had tasted middle eastern food and wanted their families to also try and enjoy the same dishes that they tasted abroad.

Don Las Pinas grilling the kebabs.

We were impressed when Don started grilling the Kebabs. He took ground chicken and beef, molded them onto stainless steel skewers and grilled them just like they do in the middle east! I complemented him on his technique and he mentioned that he picked up a few things here and there.

Grilled Chicken and Beef Kebabs. Super duper good! Paired with roasted vegetables and garlic sauce!

There are several dishes at Hamál BCD . The first dish that we tried is their fantastic Kebab rice. This is rice with a slice of lemon, a garden salad, crunchy fried onions and a side of their delicious garlic sauce. Super yummy and flavorful, this is a colorful dish that is a best seller.

Hamál BCDs Kebab Rice

If you’d rather have something different, try Hamál BCD’s awesome Kebab wraps. They’re made with Hamál BCD‘s fresh, homemade pitas! The pitas have a nice chewy texture and you can tell that they are high quality flour wraps.

The kebab sandwiches come with a salad and french fries inside the wrap. You can also get a side of french fries with them.

We love how you can just take them with you. It’s a perfect meal for those on the go.

Kebab sandwich with a side of fries

Fries without ketchup? Try them with Hamál BCD’s special garlic dip. Super tasty and scrumptious!

These Kebab sandwiches are extremely filling. We got full only after eating one! Everything is extremely fresh.

Kebab Sandwich

If you have your barkada or a group with you we highly recommend Hamál BCD‘s KEBAB platter!

Make your own kebabs and add additional stuff like grilled tomatoes, eggplants, extra pitas, kebabs whatever you like! It’s a delectable platter that’s meant to be shared.

Pair it with their tasty mutabal – that’s a special eggplant dip that’s made with grilled eggplant, tahini and lemon!

Hamal Bacolod Official Facebook Page:

Hamal BCD delivers via Maxim Or contact them 09687714595

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