Check out Bacolod city’s AllHome and AllDay Supermarket for awesome deals!

AllHome and AllDay Supermarket is now here in Bacolod City! Here’s our walkthrough and mini guide to exploring this wonderful new shopping center in Bacolod City!

Getting to AllHome and AllDay Supermarket

AllHome and AllDay is located right beside the main entrance of Camella Homes Bacolod on Buri Road in Barangay Mandalagan.

Getting to AllHome and AllDay supermarket is a bit tricky at this point if you plan on taking public transportation. You can ride the Mandalagan jeepney, Bata jeepney and the Shopping Northbound jeepneys. You need to get off at City Mall Mandalagan and tell them you want a ride to AllHome (10 pesos) Getting back means catching another tricycle to City Mall. It’s not the easiest thing to do if you’re loaded down with groceries and furniture.

For cars, simply head to the marker below. You can take three roads, the Eroreco route, the circumferential route and the Lacson street route. Easy peasy.

AllHome Bacolod is a home center, which means it sells furniture, appliances, decorations, tiles, pillows and all sorts of gadgets designed to make your life easier and more pleasant. The building of AllHome Bacolod has three floors filled with these goodies. It’s a very nice and pleasant shopping experience.

The first floor is where they have the appliances, decorations and big furniture like couches and some tables. Crafters and decorators will enjoy the gorgeously arranged displays in this area.

A beautiful display at the ground floor area.

Here’s a tip, wear comfortable shoes as you will spend an hour or more walking around AllHome Bacolod. There are NO SEATS in this area and you are discouraged from sitting on the furniture. The only place you can sit are some small tables by the bakery (more on this later) but these seats are often taken. You can also hang out in the Customer Lounge that’s right behind the small appliance section.

What gorgeous plates!

Here’s another tip. Have snacks or eat a meal before visiting AllHome Bacolod. You’re less likely to spend when you’re hungry so you can make informed decisions. You’re also less likely to make impulse purchases!

Try not to be tempted by these gorgeous displays.

The ground floor of AllHome Bacolod is also where you will see appliances, gadgets, washing machines and all sorts of televisions. They have a lot of well known brands too. AllHome Bacolod also offers delivery services so don’t worry if you are buying a big bulky appliance for your home.

All sorts of TVS and refrigerators

The home appliance section of AllHome Bacolod is mostly filled with rice cookers, kettles and small things for the kitchen. There are a couple of imported brands here. Of note is the Customer Lounge where you can chill and hang out but I don’t recommend it because of the pandemic. Much safer to walk around the store.

You can actually walk from AllHome to AllDay supermarket. That’s because the ground floor is connected to the supermarket. The airconditioning is very cold in AllHome Bacolod and AllDay Supermarket Bacolod which makes this place a nice “workout” spot if you want to just walk around.

You’ll know you’re almost at the supermarket when you see bathtubs and the tile section. There’s also shower fixtures, water heaters and the like in this section of AllHome Bacolod.

That’s a lot of tiles!

The second floor of AllHome Bacolod is where you will find the linens and the lighting section. You can find bedsheets, pillows, pillowcases and tablecloths here.

We especially like these blackout and semi blackout curtains and blinds at AllHome Bacolod! These come in darker shades so they’re perfect for those who work the night shift and want to get some sleep during the day.

These are the biggest, fluffiest bath mats we’ve ever seen. They’re pretty good, and non slip too. Some mats are also machine washable.

The hardware section contains paints, lights and all sorts of hardware stuff for your house. AllHome Bacolod doesn’t have a big selection so I would only come here in a pinch.

The third floor of AllHome Bacolod houses the plates, decorations, cabinets and office furniture. This is the spot where people can pick up awesome new decorations for their office or home.

Spotted – something you must totally buy if you are into aromatherapy. AllHome Bacolod has a small section dedicated to essential oils and perfumes that will make your home smell sweet and relaxing.

Pick up new dining sets and dining ware at this awesome space at AllHome Bacolod.

After exploring all three floors of AllHome Bacolod, it’s time to go and visit AllDay Supermarket! It’s a big open space filled with shelves ala Costco and S&R. Everything is arranged really neatly.

It’s nice to walk and stroll around AllDay supermarket. There are a lot of things that you can find here that can’t be found in any other Bacolod Supermarket.

There’s also a small pharmacy inside AllDay Supermarket which is called AllDay Rx. Very nice and convenient.

Our happy place inside AllDay Supermarket Bacolod is actually the Bake My Day bakery! You can get nice breads and all sorts of pastries here that are all freshly baked.

Bake My Day!

Here is our favourite bread at Bake My Day inside AllDay Supermarket Bacolod. Get their sushi roll bread. This is a bread stuffed with pork floss, mango and wrapped with a seaweed or nori sheet. Very nice and very filling! The flavor combination is superb.

The other pastries that we like to get from AllDay Supermarket are the Danishes and croissants. They’re also freshly baked and oh so yummy.

There’s a tiny food court area in AllHome. This is where Chicken Deli and All American are located. Chicken Deli serves grilled chicken (Chicken Inasal) but they also have some other premium items like sandwiches on the menu. We’ll be trying them next time.

Chicken Deli inside AllHome Bacolod.

This place gets really crowded during sundays as most of the people from Camella Bacolod subdivion come here to shop. Hence, this is not very safe to visit because of the lack of social distancing protocols. We recommend going to this place during weekdays as there is next to no people inside.

AllAmerican Bacolod serves pizza, burgers and milkshakes. We tried the food to see what it was like.

We got a slice of their New York Pizza. It was like eating a piece of freshly baked bread. The crust is super thick so it will fill you up quickly. Taste is average, nothing special. Pass on ordering a whole pie and get a slice instead.

The fried chicken at all American Bacolod is not bad. It comes with a flavorful gravy. I suppose if you are really craving for fried chicken this might do but we’d rather go to the Bee, the Colonel and even Mickey D’s before we’d touch this one.

We tried the onion rings. They were soggy and could have been a little more crispy.

We really enjoyed AllAmerican Bacolod’s Chicken Schnitzel. It’s a gorgeous, fried and breaded chicken cutlet with a flavorful white sauce. Get this instead of the fried chicken.

That’s it for our visit to AllHome and AllDay Supermarket! Hope you enjoy your visit next time you shop!

AllDay supermarket Bacolod opens from 8am to 9pm daily.
AllHome opens from 8am to 9pm daily.

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

2 comments on “Check out Bacolod city’s AllHome and AllDay Supermarket for awesome deals!

  1. Check out the SM Hypermarket in Handumanan, Bacolod. They have recently reopened after the fire 2 years ago. They have a number of imported Food Products, including from UK. Was not impressed at all, as an American, with All Home Supermarket. Was there yesterday and bought absolutely nothing. Metro is much, much better, as well. Do not forget Lopues Mandalagan, which also has imported Food & Beverages.

  2. I wonder how Bacolodnons can afford that. I know it is 2021 and not 2011 and the salaries are higher but it is still expensive for Bacolod tastes.

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