The Third Wave Coffee shop: Serving great food and coffee in Bacolod City.

The Third Wave Coffee Shop is one of the nicest coffee shops in Bacolod City. It’s located in the picturesque Shophouse heritage on Narra Avenue.

It’s not hard to miss The Third Wave Coffee shop as they are right beside the main entrance to The Shophouse heritage and they have a very distinct look and they are definitely worth a visit when you are here in Bacolod City!

The Third wave entrance.

The entrance to The Third Wave Coffee Shop is filled with beautiful wooden furniture, and plants. The plants give the place a super relaxing atmosphere.

The Third Wave Coffee Shop also has these cozy, egg-shaped seats which make you feel as if you’re in your own little private space.

The interior of The Third Wave Coffee Shop is also decorated with gorgeous plants. The seats have been arranged in order to make use of proper social distancing which is important in this pandemic.

Preparing Coffee is like watching a mad scientist at work with all the awesome gadgets and doohickeys that The Third Wave Coffee Shop uses.

Right beside the entrance is their coffee brewing corner where the barista uses a siphon and a special fabricated coffee pour over to create their customer’s drinks.

The owner, Ms. Laverne pours out a drink.

We were able to sample two of The Third Wave Coffee Shop’s coffee creations, the Kori Kohi Blanca and their house blend.

An interesting glass bottle is used for the coffee.

What is Kori Kohi? According to…

Kori Kohi is is basically coffee frozen into ice cubes and served in a glass with warm milk poured over it, plus an optional sweet syrup on the side. The iced coffee cubes will slowly melt as it touches the warm milk which results in one awesome milky iced coffee drink.

The Third Wave Coffee Shop does something totally different. Instead of the coffee being frozen, it’s the milk that frozen. First the milk is mixed with pure cane sugar and then frozen into cubes. Then the customer can pour The Third Wave Coffee Shop’s special House blend coffee.

The milk will melt making a very nice taste and interesting texture.

The Third Wave Coffee Shop has as one of it’s house specialties, the Third Wave Burger. This hamburger has black buns which are made with a small amount of activated charcoal. The third wave burger is also served with a slice of ham and a sunny side up egg. Very filling and tasty.

This actually caused went a little “viral” in Bacolod when it was first released with many lining up to have a taste.

The Third Wave burger.

We also tried out of The Third Wave Coffee shop’s specialties: The “black” Monte Cristo sandwich.

It’s a sandwich made with black bread, dipped in egg and fried. The sandwich has mozzarella cheese, ham and it comes with a side of French fries. It’s an ample dish that’s filling enough to be a meal already.

Chicken Pesto Pasta at The Third Wave Coffee Shop is a unique experience. The pasta has generous slices of chicken breast served with pasta in a rich cream-based mushroom sauce.

For Dessert, The Third Wave coffee shop has Crispy ibos. Ibos is a traditional Filipino dessert made out of sweet, glutinous rice. Chopped peanuts and chocolate sauce is drizzled over it and plated.

This is part of their new sweet line which also involves CRISPY FRIED CHEESECAKE. Whoa. We hope to try them soon!

The Third Wave Coffee Shop also has a second floor where they can accommodate big groups and functions.

The view of the ground floor from the staircase.

The second floor of The Third Wave Coffee Shop is gorgeous. A White cloth covers the ceiling and gives the place a glamorous look. The cloth also has a secondary function, which is to trap heat and keep the place cool. There’s plenty of windows and fans so there’s a lot of good air circulation in the area.

This is what the Third Wave Coffee Shop looks like when it’s all prettied up for a function! Super cool!!!

We love these hanging chairs. You can swing when you sit on them! Very comfy and relaxing!

You can also look out from the second floor and see the scene below. The Shophouse heritage changes their decorations ever so often. This time, they went with kites for a cool summer look!

If you want something a little more airy and has a view, try sitting on The Third Wave Coffee Shop’s Balcony! You can curl up on the sofas with a drink and a book. This is the most popular spot so it is rare that these seats are vacant.

This spot is the most Photogenic in Bacolod!

The Third Wave Coffee Shop

Unit 16 The Shophouse Heritage Narra Extension Villamonte 6100 Bacolod CIty, Philippines.

Telephone Number: 0961 161 8106

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 9:30am to 7:30pm

Official Facebook Page:

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