4-G Shoes & Leather Craft Bacolod : Shoes, repairs and Custom Leather work in Bacolod city.

Are you looking for a shoemaker in Bacolod City? 4-G Shoes & Leathercraft Bacolod is an awesome store that creates shoes, repairs shoes, does custom leather bags and more.

Founded in 1995, 4-G shoes has been in the business for over 30 years.

The facade of 4G shoes and Leather Craft Bacolod

4-G Shoes and Leather Craft Bacolod has a main branch located at 31 Burgos Street, Bacolod City. The shop is a small one with street level parking but it has a very unique sign that you can’t miss!

Look for the big boot outside 4-G shoes and Leather Craft Bacolod

The shop is big and spacious and filled with all sorts of shoes and leather goods that you can buy. But the main point of the shop is that you can customize and have 4-G Shoes and Leather craft create any shoe or leather good you want such as wallets, bags, book covers, anything you can dream of!

This is the Interior of 4-G shoes and Leather Craft Bacolod. There are plenty of shelves with, shoes, sandals, you name it, they’ve got it!

These shoes are gorgeous! There are many designs for men and women.

Do you want a custom bag that’s one of a kind? 4-G Shoes & Leathercraft Bacolod creates ladies bags and mens bags too of all shapes and sizes. If you’ve got a custom design in mind, they can make it for you.

We’re proud that this sort of thing exists in Bacolod City. Shoe making and Leatherworking is a craft that is an artistry in itself.


There’s also custom made leather shoes and sandals for women at 4-G Shoes & Leathercraft Bacolod.


Want something fancy? 4-G Shoes & Leathercraft Bacolod can also make something like Cowboy boots!

Of course, most people in Bacolod City aren’t into having their own shoes custom made. 4-G Shoes & Leathercraft Bacolod also does repairs and stocks replacement parts for shoes. They have replacement soles, shoelaces, clasps and plenty more.


4-G Shoes & Leathercraft Bacolod does shoe and BAG repairs. They can fix heels, stitch soles, stretch shoes, change zipper, bag strap replacement and plenty more. For their complete price list, please refer to the picture below.

So we decided to check out how good 4-G Shoes & Leathercraft Bacolod are at creating custom shoes. We had our pet Mr. ‘cich go down and order a new pair of sandals from 4-G Shoes & Leathercraft Bacolod.

Mr. ‘cich is a tall strapping ‘murican with a size 12 for his feet. He was having difficulty finding big sized sandals in the malls 4-G Shoes & Leathercraft Bacolod managed to create a beautiful manly sandal for him!


The sandals are beautiful and made of real leather. Take a good look at the sandals – they still have the little hair pores and marks on the leather which means that the leather that 4-G Shoes & Leathercraft Bacolod uses is genuine and not synthetic leather.

These sandals are one of a kind.

Since these are real leather sandals, they do require more care (and cleaning) than synthetic leather. We had Mr. ‘cich go and purchase some mink waterproofing and leather conditioning oil from Lazada in order to ensure his sandals get the proper care to last him for YEARS.

A perfect fit and brilliant craftsmanship from 4-G Shoes & Leathercraft Bacolod.

We also had a couple of holes punched in a ten year old belt from 4G shoes. It still looks as bright and fancy as the day it was bought!

We had a couple of holes punched because we lost a lot of weight and needed to tighten the belt more! Can you see where the old belt tongue used to enter?


It’s so nice to have something custom made that fits properly and is super sturdy. Plus, it is commendable to support local craftsmen and craftsmanship. Buy LOCAL. Try out 4-G Shoes and Leathercraft Bacolod Today for your shoe repairs and custom orders.

Branches: 4-G Shoes and Leathercraft Bacolod

Burgos-Lacson Sts. Telephone number: 434-4067
Central Market Telephone number: 476-9085
Tabok Cyber Center Telephone number: 444-1808
Lopues East Telephone number: 476-1878
Kabankalan Telephone number: 213-4846

4-G Shoes and Leathercraft Bacolod Opening hours: 8:30am -5:30pm Mondays to Saturdays.

Official Facebook Page of 4-G Shoes and Leathercraft Bacolod

If you’re looking for someone who knows leather, 4-G shoes & Leathercraft Bacolod is the place to go in Bacolod city.

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