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CasaBlanca Restaurant: A Bacolod Fine Dining Restaurant in an Antique store!

Antiques and Fine Dining? We found Casa Blanca Restaurant – one of the coolest and most beautiful restaurants in Bacolod City!

CasaBlanca Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant located at CasaBlanca building on Circumferential Road. The whole building is one big antique store.

The outside is full of pottery and other antiques.

It is easy to miss the CasaBlanca restaurant itself because of the hard-to-see silver metal signage and the assorted pottery arranged in front of the restaurant.

We’ve driven past this area several times and never thought to check the interior. To get to the restaurant, just park in front of CasaBlanca Antiques and turn right at the main entrance.

(We’ll be referring to CasaBlanca Restaurant in the article from now on as CasaBlanca Restaurant Bacolod to avoid confusion with another unrelated Casablanca Restaurant in Dumaguete city)

Our friend who was shopping for antiques found the restaurant quite by chance.

We were pleasantly surprised to see the door which had these antique cast-iron door knockers! They’re in the shape of Foo Dogs which guard the inhabitants of the house against evil.

Beautiful knockers! 🙂

The inside of CasaBlanca Restaurant Bacolod is extremely pretty! The owners have decorated the restaurant with antiques from their antique store business.

When we went inside, we thought at first that this was just a showroom for dining sets and furniture but no, it actually is a fully functional fine dining restaurant! WOW!

The interior is extremely pretty! There’s so much to see! Those capiz shell windows give the diners a view of the antique store business on the other side of the wall.

CasaBlanca Restaurant Bacolod is just gorgeous. The assorted pieces of furniture are arranged in a way that each table appears to have its own theme, a distinct look.

We love CasaBlanca Restaurant’s Turkish Lamps!

For small groups there are smaller tables tucked away in their own nooks and crannies.

Comfortable, intimate tables.

This is our favorite table at CasaBlanca Restaurant Bacolod! It’s a thick glass plate on top of an Asian urn surrounded by sleek black and white chairs. Very pretty and chic!

A table with a very striking appearance at CasaBlanca Restaurant Bacolod

There is a nook that resembles a typical Filipino house, complete with paintings of pastoral scenes and fine antique plates. Very nice and very intimate.

The second floor is sadly off limits but you can explore and roam around freely in the CasaBlanca Restaurant’s huge dining space.

Spotted: The Team of Global Strategic having a business lunch.

The biggest dining table at Casablanca Restaurant Bacolod is a long table that can comfortably seat fourteen people! It’s right beside the beautiful interior capiz shell windows.

Very pretty and very elegant!

After seeing all this great art arrangement it was time now for us to order our lunch! The Menu at CasaBlanca restaurant is Filipino-Asian food with a smattering of foreign dishes. There’s something for everyone.

CasaBlanca restaurant’s Yang Chow fried rice is pretty good with bits of sweet Chinese sausage mixed in with the rice. Fragrant and appetizing.

Yang Chow Rice at CasaBlanca Restaurant Bacolod – 250 pesos for a Large Order.

Ox tongue is considered a delicacy in the Philippines. CasaBlanca restaurant has their own version called Lengua Sivillana. Their lengua comes in a thick sauce with plenty of mushrooms.

Lengua Sevilliana at CasaBlanca Restaurant Bacolod – 320 pesos

Lumpia Shanghai! CasaBlanca restaurant has them too, albeit a bit thinner than normal. It came with a sweet lumpia dipping sauce.

Lumpia Shanghai at CasaBlanca Restaurant Bacolod – 250 pesos.

There’s shrimp dishes on the menu too. CasaBlanca Restaurant in Bacolod has several types of Gambas – a shrimp dish that’s Spanish inspired. We got the plain Gambas and it came served in a metal bowl with plenty of fried garlic.

Gambas at CasaBlanca Restaurant Bacolod – 280 php

Filet Mignon or beef tenderloin also makes an appearance at Casa Blanca Restaurant Bacolod’s menu. A cut of marinated beef tenderloin is wrapped with strips of bacon and served with fries and a mushroom gravy.

Filet Mignon at CasaBlanca Restaurant Bacolod – 360 pesos

For chicken we tried CasaBlanca Restaurant Bacolod’s Sizzling Chicken. The dish consists of a large piece of chicken but breaded and fried. It came with a gravy sauce and a few fried potatoes as garnish.

Boneless Sizzling Chicken at CasaBlanca Restaurant Bacolod – 280 php.

More Shrimp – this time it turns up as in a soup – Shrimp Sinigang at CasaBlanca Restaurant Bacolod

Shrimp Sinigang at CasaBlanca Restaurant Bacolod -250 php

We really enjoyed our time at CasaBlanca Restaurant Bacolod. The furniture and the ambiance is very good. It’s a pretty unique concept that allows you to see how the antique furniture goes so well with the food.

CasaBlanca Restaurant Bacolod is located at CasaBlanca Building, Circumferential Road near Montebello Subdivision

CasaBlanca Restaurant Telephone number: (034) 434-5772/0946 138 1020

CasaBlanca Restaurant opening hours: 10:30am to 9:00pm

Official Facebook page of CasaBlanca Restaurant Bacolod:

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  1. What a fantastic looking spot!

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