Hardcore Pares: Bacolod city’s best beef pares.

Hardcore Pares is a pop up stall in Bacolod City that serves the tastiest Beef Pares and Beef noodles in Bacolod City.

Beef Pares is a traditional Filipino comfort food. Chunks of beef are stewed in a sweet soy sauce and paired with a broth and served alongside garlic fried rice. This combination of rice and beef is known as “Pares” or pair.

There are numerous Pares stalls in Bacolod City but the most interesting by far is Hardcore Pares.

Hardcore Pares’ stall at its usual location at The Shophouse Heritage. Bs Aquino Drive, Corner Narra Street, Bacolod City. 2pm-8pm Mondays to Saturdays.

Hardcore Pares is run out of a little food trike on wheels. There’s just one staff (the owner) and there are just two things on the menu. Beef Pares with Garlic Rice and Beef Pares with Noodles.

Hardcore Pares is located at the Shophouse Heritage on BS Aquino drive. The Shophouse Heritage is a bunch of colorful buildings that house stores and stalls. You can use their ample parking lot if you use the parking entrance located at the back portion of Robinson’s Triangle.

Feel free to use the tables to enjoy your bowls of Beef Pares!

Hardcore Pares’ Beef Pares and Beef noodles are served street style. That is, you are given a plastic bowl and a plastic bag is placed on top of it. You literally eat off a plastic bag and the bowl is reused among customers. Not for the squeamish. If you prefer, you can order via maxim, zoom and other delivery partners so you could enjoy your portion at home.

An order of Beef Pares with garlic rice (80 php) and Beef Pares with noodles. (70 php)

The Beef pares is served with a cup of garlic rice and freshly chopped onions. More importantly, there is a generous amount of beef and unlike most pares stalls here in Bacolod city, Hardcore Pares’ broth base is thick and rich. Very filling.

Beef Pares with garlic rice at Hardcore Pares.

The soup base in Hardcore Pares is very distinct, having a very Asian flavor with bits of star anise and other spices in it. It definitely is a step up from regular cheap pares with their watery soup base.

For noodle lovers, Try Hardcore Pares’ Beef noodles. A portion of egg noodles in the same rich broth with beef on the side. Very tasty and something different.

The beef pares runs out fast so be sure to come a little early. You can check Hardcore Pares’ Facebook page for their announcements because sometimes they are not there at their usual spot. Hardcore Pares is usually open on Mondays to Saturdays 2pm to 8pm.

For deliveries you can use ZOOM,MAXIM,TOKTOK and MYSTORESHOPPING but contact Hardcore Pares first via their Facebook page for availability


Here is the location of the Shophouse heritage on Google Maps.

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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