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Johnny’s Pizza: New York Style Pizza in Bacolod City

We’re proud to show you guys Johnny’s Pizza – an awesome local pizza chain that has SUPER good pizzas and world class quality.

Pizza in Bacolod is usually giant pizzas on tortilla thin crust. It was a popular trend in Bacolod city twenty years ago but actually, it is a pretty shit pizza that values quantity over quality. Twenty years is a long time to be serving terrible pizza. No wonder those restaurants went out of business pretty quickly as tastes in Bacolod evolved and “cheap and big” just doesn’t cut it.

Johnny’s Pizza is a local restaurant but the quality is superb!

Johnny’s Pizza is a local restaurant serving New York Style Pizza. They’re not afraid to innovate and bring quality pizzas to Bacolod city and Negros Island.

Their old store location was in Talisay but they moved to the new CLM food court across from the University of Saint La Salle’s elementary school in Bacolod City. This location change is especially welcome for them as the new CLM food court offers open air dining and a nice pleasant ambiance. 2021 is really the year of dining “al fresco”.

Johnny’s Pizza with four of their six flavors. Dine in mode with square slices for sharing.

Johny’s Pizza has six flavors on their menu. They have Garlic cheese, Carnivore, Cajun Chicken Alfredo, Pepperoni, Hawaiian and All in.

What’s really nice about Johnny’s Pizza is that they allow you to have a pizza with four flavors if you want to try most of what they have.

Our takeout pizza with three flavors. Cajun Chicken Alfredo, Pepperoni and All in Pizza. 799 pesos for a combo pizza.

What’s even nicer is that at Johnny’s pizza, you can buy INDIVIDUAL slices. Yep! You can stop in for a quick snack without having to buy an entire pie. Each slice costs from 99 to 130 pesos.

Here’s our review of the THREE Pizza flavors that we had. We have this principle when it comes to pizza – LESS equals more. We prefer 1 -3 toppings because it allows each individual flavor to shine. It’s our own personal taste so most people might not agree with us. Lol.

The first flavor that we ordered from Johnny’s Pizza was the All in pizza. You get olives, peppers, mushrooms, pepperoni and Italian sausage.

For those first timers at Johnny’s Pizza, this is the pizza to get. This is the crowd pleaser pizza. A little bit of everything. You can’t go wrong with this one.

All in Pizza. – a combination of the flavors sans Hawaiian. 120 php per slice. 699 for an entire pie

The next flavor is the simple but good Pepperoni Pizza. Having just ONE ingredient on a pizza really makes the spicy flavor of the pepperoni stand out. This is a winner. Simple but good.

Pepperoni Pizza – really good pepperoni. 120 php per slice, 699 php for an entire pie.

Our absolute favourite Pizza flavor. is the Cajun Chicken Alfredo. It’s got cajun spiced chicken, mushrooms, and olives. THREE ingredients that don’t clash with one another. The spicy chicken flavor is really prominent in this pizza. Easily one of the best pizza flavors in Bacolod.

Cajun Chicken Pizza – so delicious! 130 per slice, 749 for a pie.

But that’s not all. You can enhance your flavor experience with some hot sauce and some chili flakes! Very delicious. We didn’t use any of the hot sauce since we found the chili flakes to be piquant enough for all the pizzas. Super tasty and if you’re afraid of spicy food, don’t worry! The chili flakes are more of a flavor enhancer. Don’t eat your pizza without it!

Chili flakes and Hot sauce.

Quality over quantity wins. Just eating two slices of Johnny’s pizza is enough to fill up the hungriest person.

Johnny’s pizza is located at the new CLM food court (chill lagaw mahaw) on CL montelibano street, Bacolod City. They’re open Mondays to Sundays 11am to 9pm.

Telephone number 09310513504 Smart 09771903083 Globe

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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