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The Cold Room Bacolod – Bacolod’s first Speakeasy, Steakhouse and mini art gallery – all in one!

The Cold Room Bacolod is a new awesome place in Bacolod City that combines a wholesale liquor shop, a speakeasy, a steakhouse and mini art gallery all in one awesome location.

Entrepreneur Mark Yu envisioned this combination by creating something that he saw was lacking in the liquor shops in Bacolod.

Primarily, we’re a wholesaler of liquor but we cater to people who might want to have a little something to eat with their purchase, hang out a bit and just have fun.

The interior of The cold room Bacolod is well lit and lined with shelves of the different brands of beers, wines and all sorts of good stuff! There’s plenty of variation and new stuff that will appeal to old and young generations.

There are several small tables and one long table along the walls of The Cold Room Bacolod

Big blackout curtains stop the outside light from coming in, making the place look cozy and relaxing

Jack Daniels whiskey rubs shoulders with Korean Soju and other premium drinks.

There’s a lot of drinks at The Cold Room Bacolod from all over the world. A drink that caught our eye is their stocks of Suntory Strong Zero!

The Suntory Strong Zero drinks are basically a low cost highball cocktail in a can. They’re made with carbonated fresh fruit juice and are sugar free. The fruits are frozen with liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees to lock in the flavor. They’re one of Japan’s trendiest drinks.

Suntory Strong

We tried a suntory “kalamansi” and we were amazed at how easy it was to drink it. It tasted just like a mixed soda. Very nice and definitely our favourite.

For those who want some premium whiskey, The Cold Room Bacolod has various fine whiskeys and drinks such as the Jack Daniels and Monkey Shoulder. Awesome looking and tasty too.

Fine Malt Whiskey Monkey Shoulder is also available.

Want some really old German beer? The Cold Room Bacolod is the exclusive distributor in Bacolod City for Weihenstephaner – an old German beer whose brewery dates back to 1040 B.C.

The Cold Room Bacolod also has a function room where you can have a private party/conference/meeting. There is use of TV as well as wifi included when you book the place.

The elegant wine room also doubles as a function room
There’s all sorts of wines from all over the world at The Cold Room Bacolod

The Cold Room Bacolod also sells steaks, sausages and assorted cold cuts.
If you’re hungry, you can have the steak cooked in the store and eat it right there. There’s a 100 peso cooking fee.

Steaks for sale

If you want some light snacks, The Cold Room Bacolod has pasta and cold cut platters to go with your drink. Take note that there is a reasonable corkage charge if you want to consume your drink within the premises.

A small cold cut platter at The Cold Room Bacolod
A medium cold cut platter at The Cold Room Bacolod.

Spanish Sardine Pasta at the Cold Room Bacolod
The Cold room has awesome desserts – cheesecake from Los tres Amigos.
A new XO lounge that opens up once the main dining area is full.

The Cold Room Bacolod Also has a new XO lounge where local artists can display and sell their works of art. You can appreciate works of art while dining!

Beautiful works of Art by Carlos Ruiz and Ms Guerrero
A stunning painting by Ms. Guerrero

Souvenirs? The Cold Room has them. You can pick up these beer glasses to add to your collection – Subject to availability. They’re rare so good while supplies last.

The Cold Room Bacolod is located at LN Agustin Drive, Malaspina, Brgy. Villamonte, Bacolod City beside new CT glass and aluminum.

The Cold Room Bacolod Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 12am-10pm
Telephone number: (034) 445 9922

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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