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The New City Lunch! Try The Best Chinese Steamed Buns in Bacolod!

City Lunch – the famous Chinese Eatery in Bacolod has just finished renovations on its new building. It’s glad to know that City Lunch is still going strong this 2020. The New Year is just around the corner and City Lunch is ready for 2021 and for its customers with a brand new look and place!

City Lunch has a new building located at its old location at 2707 Narra Avenue.

We’ve previously written about City Lunch. You can read the old article here at this link:

The New City lunch is cleaner, more modern and now is fully air conditioned! The new City Lunch is still located at 2707 Narra Avenue in the Shopping Area -The Chinatown of Bacolod city.

The New City Lunch – familiar tastes in a brand new building.

All the classic Chinese Food and delicacies that City Lunch serves are all here. City Lunch has special embutido for php 180.00 and they also have special chinese chorizo or chinese sausages.

Embutido is Philippine style meatloaf that is wrapped in foil and steamed. It can contain a lot of ingredients but the most commonly used ingredients are eggs and hotdogs or sausages.

Chinese sausages or chorizo is a dry, hard sausage made from pork meat and pork fat. It has a salty-sweet distinct flavor. It’s one of my favourite treats. Here’s an easy way to prepare City Lunch’s Chinese Sausage – by making Chinese sausage rice!

City Lunch is popular for its Chinese Dishes. The place is packed during lunchtime with hungry patrons looking to buy their favourite chinese meals at affordable prices.

Chinese Dishes at City Lunch. Don’t worry folks, Your favorites are here to serve you at City Lunch for 2021 and beyond!

The Menu of City Lunch is still the same with multiple noodle dishes and Chinese vegetable dishes. Your favourite super special siopao is there along with filipino favourite dishes such as caldereta, lechon kawali and embutido.

The 2021 Menu of City Lunch Bacolod.

One of the best sellers on City Lunch’s 2020 – 2021 Menu is their famous chinese style Lumpia. It’s a vegetarian egg roll with plenty of peanuts and chopped up sauteed vegetables. Very tasty and filling.

We spotted the cook making Chinese Lumpia at the New city Lunch Bacolod!

We’re glad to see that the New City Lunch has one of our favourites – Sticky rice dumplings! This dish is commonly known as Ba Chang, Bak Chang or Zongzi and is made of glutinous rice with a filling and wrapped with bamboo leaves.

City Lunch’s Ba Chang is ready for orders

City Lunch serves a very delicious Bak Chang with slices of fatty pork inside the savory rice. The fat just melts in your mouth and it also imparts a rich, delicious flavor to the rice.

City Lunch’s best seller are the Siopao or steamed meat buns. They have all sorts of sizes and Combinations.

City Lunch’s biggest size of Siopao is their Super Special Siopao (75 php). It is stuffed with a lot of meat, egg and a slice of their Chinese Chorizo or Chorizo Canton. It is so good when paired with City Lunch’s Special Sauce.

This is City Lunch’s Super Special Siopao. It is massive and already a meal in itself.

City Lunch is located at 2707 Narra Avenue Bacolod City.

To get there: Ride a Jeep either Shopping Northbound, Shopping Libertad or Eroreco Central Market.

City Lunch has rebranded itself as Kong’s Kitchenette with Telephone number 700-8914

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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