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Double Dose: Bacolod City’s first 2D cafe!

Creativity is alive and well in Bacolod City! Check out Double Dose, Bacolod City’s First 2D or two dimensional cafe. This amazing and creative cafe makes its diners feel as if they are inside a black and white comic book!

Double Dose 2D cafe is located at the Shophouse Heritage, Narra Avenue Bacolod City.

Double Dose 2D cafe gets its 2D effect by painting everything white and placing black lines around every edge. The result is an eye-catching effect that makes everything “pop” out at the viewer.

You will feel that you are inside a comic book in Double Dose 2D Cafe.

The cafe was put together by a group of friends who came up with the idea of a new type of cafe while they were under quarantine up in the mountains of Lantawan. These group of creative friends decided to come up with something that will give the citizens of Bacolod City something to smile about. They decided to create an open air 2D cafe.

It is extremely pretty inside Double Dose 2D cafe. This place is perfect for cosplays or Instagram photos. Cosplayers take note!

Every nook and cranny of Double Dose 2D cafe has black and white line art decorating the walls. The effect is not so apparent in real life but it really becomes distinct when you take photos!

We ordered food from Double Dose 2D cafe. They are on their soft opening so please be a little patient as they are still busy organizing their set up. Despite all of this, we are extremely amazed at how the food looks! The black and white aesthetic really makes the food stand out and look more appetizing!

We ordered Sausage, Egg and Waffles, Iced Coffee and Beef Salpicao.

The Beef Salpicao was very good. It came with plenty of mushrooms and the beef was soft and tender. Highly recommended.

The Waffles, Sausage and egg meal is an extremely hearty combo. You can choose your choice of sausage – We chose a Frankfurter. On the side you also get ketchup, mustard and maple syrup to drizzle on your sausage.

The second floor of Double Dose 2D cafe is currently off-limits as there is still construction ongoing – stay tuned for another creative creation from the minds of the owners.

Double Dose 2D Cafe is located at the Shophouse heritage, Narra Street, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

They’re currently on their SOFT OPENING so we will update when they finalize their business hours, telephone number and Facebook page.

Tentative business hours: 10am-7pm. Closed on Tuesdays.

Here’s the location of Double Dose – landmark is Triangle Island Plaza. They’re in the Shophouse Heritage Complex.

To get here:

Via Jeepney, Take either a Eroreco – Central Market, A Shopping Libertad, or Shopping Northbound jeep. Get off at Robinsons Triangle and the Shop house heritage is nearby on BS Aquino, Narra Avenue.

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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