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Above Sea Level Bacolod – Home of the Giant Butterfly Squid.

Calamares lovers! Above Sea Level is a new seafood restaurant in Bacolod City that serves delicious GIANT fried squid, sushi, ramen and many more exciting dishes.

We spotted Above Sea level Bacolod EAST BRANCH just in the main entrance of Lopues’ East Bacolod’s driveway. You can’t miss this restaurant because it has a beautiful, eye catching, nautical-themed white and blue motif.

Parking is difficult because all the motorbikes park right in front of this Spot. Head up to the second floor parking area to park your car.

The interior is clean and simple. Your eye will be drawn to the large and colorful menus that advertise the different kinds of dishes available at Above Sea Level Bacolod. Most of the dishes are made using squid, their house specialty but there are some other goodies like their bacon wrapped shrimp and fire cracker shrimp.

The restaurant combines two other franchise businesses – Crazy Sushi and Empress Coffee and Tea. This means you can have Japanese dishes, sushi and assorted milk teas with your meal!

It’s all about the barkada meals at Above Sea Level. There’s plenty of promos and combinations that it just made our head spin with the choices available! The promos look great and super affordable. We’re definitely coming back and bringing the barkada next time!

We ordered several dishes from Above Sea Level to try.

First to arrive was the Krispy Sizzling Pusit made with breaded fried squid and served on a sizzling plate topped with an egg, green chilis, and a creamy mayo sauce. Quite good! We love Calamari and this is a new and interesting way to try our favourite dish!

Krispy Sizzling Pusit – 200php with free Java Rice.

We got Black Ramen and a Spicy Salmon Roll from Crazy Sushi.

The Ramen was okay. it had preserved bamboo shoots, onion, chives, a boiled egg, fish sausage and plenty of black garlic oil. Very affordable for the price. It was nice to have some hot soup with our meal.

Crazy Sushi’s black Ramen 240 php

The Spicy Salmon roll was a roll of sushi that was deep fried so it had a crispy coating. It was topped with two kinds of fish roe and it came drizzled with a sweet sauce and a pink, pickled ginger rose. Quite good although we wished that there would have been a lot more salmon.

Spicy Salmon roll – 240 php

The Seafood Festival is an assorted bunch of corn, crab, shrimp and mussels on top of a bed of java rice. The sauce from the seafood is quite tasty (It’s made with crab fat) and the seafood itself gives the rice a little flavor.

Seafood Festival 410 PHP

Finally we come to the main attraction – the giant butterfly squid. It’s a large squid, spread out and deep fried until crispy. The batter is flavorful and the squid is served with a vinegar dipping sauce so the whole thing is quite tasty.

They didn’t have the biggest size available so we had to just get a giant squid. We had it chopped up because it was quite difficult to maneuver at the table.

Check out Above Sea Level Bacolod. They have two branches. They have one on 19th Lacson street and one at Lopues East branch. They have great squid and the combination of franchises make the meal interesting and varied. Three restaurants in one!

Official Facebook page: EAST BRANCH

Official Facebook page: 19th STREET BRANCH

Opening Hours: East branch
11am – 7pm

Telephone number: 09153221751

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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