Siopao for merienda? Head to City Lunch!

Smile, Martin and ilovepork headed to shopping for their favorite afternoon merienda:  A Siopao or two at City Lunch restaurant!

Located at Shopping, one can easily dismiss this restaurant as another one of those common carinderia or eateries.  Ah, but looks can be deceiving.

Once inside, order their super special siopao.  Inside lies a delicious combination of chicken, pork, egg and a slice of chinese chorizo.

This siopao is so good and so affordable that it beats out its closest rival: L’sea’s siopao.  This is the perfect merienda as two huge siopaos and a coke will fill you right up for less than 100 pesos!

There is only one, I repeat ONE way to eat this siopao.  It is a most singular experience.

Smile demonstrates:

First take a small bite of your siopao.  The bite must be deep enough to expose the meat and the cavity within the siopao.  Next, Poke the tip of the sauce dispenser into the cavity and fill it right up!

Squeeze the siopao gently to further expose the insides of the siopao. Fill it to the brim with sauce then take a bite.   MMMmm.  Heavenly!

City lunch Telephone number: (034) 7072406



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  1. quartz says:

    hi! i don’t really eat siopao and i never liked it, but this entry actually makes me want to eat one!
    nice blog. keep it up!

  2. justlookingaround says:

    IT’s Really NICE!!! SUPER SARAP! You’ll crave for more PROMISE!!♥ I know the daughter of the owner though!♥

  3. lara ♥ says:

    Try our siopao please 😀 they are really worth it. justlookingaround? who are you 😀 you know me, well prbably i know you too. anyhow, call (034)-434-09-17 for inquiries. and oh, we also do catering services 😉 thanks for this post!

  4. lara ♥ says:

    We also have other stuffs there. we are located at 2707 Narra Avenue Capitol Shopping Center, Bacolod City 🙂 and they really do taste oh so good 😀 try it and then you’ll know 🙂

    1. Jhona says:


      Yummy siopaoooooo! Miaaam! Just one quick question, do you serve chicken siopao? And last last one 🙂 Do you have a branch here in Manila?


  5. C.J. says:

    I remember my dad used to buy me the siopaos from Holiday in Shopping, also. They were SO GOOD! But they closed down a few years ago, so I tried the ones here, DELICIOUS also! The sauce is also yummy!

    1. Martin Banana says:

      i miss holiday restaurant too. I love their chicken siopao and their battered chicken.

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