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Siopao for merienda? Head to City Lunch!

Siopao – or steamed wheat buns stuffed with meat are a popular Philippine snack.   In Bacolod, one of the best places to get Siopao is in the old Chinatown district called “Shopping” by the locals.

City Lunch is located at 2707 Narra Avenue with telephone number (034) 434-0917  The restaurant hasn’t changed much over the decades.  The facade is plain, paint is peeling and yet people still queue up for their fix of Siopao, lumpia and Batchang!

Batchang or Machang is basically meat and sticky rice, steamed in leaves.  It is served to you with the leaves already peeled away.    It costs just 85 pesos

City Lunch’s Batchang is pretty good! The seasoned rice is sticky and chewy, full of flavor.  Inside the Batchang is a slice of fatty pork.  The fat gives the rice a rich, creamy flavor. It practically melts in your mouth.  Definitely not to be missed.  It’s a very solid, filling dish.

The main thing the locals come for is  City Lunch’s  siopao.  The biggest one is the Super Special siopao (70 pesos) The medium ones are the Special Chicken Siopao (39 php) and Special Pork Siopao (39 php)   For less than 100 pesos you can already have a full meal.

A massive super special siopao

The super special siopao is a mix of pork and chicken and it has a slice of egg and Chinese Chorizo (City Lunch employees call it Chorizo Canton) It tastes great!  Douse it liberally with the provided Siopao Sauce and you’re all set.

City Lunch also sells packs of their Chinese Chorizo.  These Chorizos are very good chopped up and served with fried rice or other chinese dishes.

Another popular dish is the Chinese style fresh lumpia.  Assorted vegetables and chunks of tofu are inside this lumpia.  there’s no need for sauce as the inside is spread with crushed peanuts.  Very nice and nutty.

You can get City Lunch at their place on Narra Avenue and on occasion at SM Bacolod where they usually join in special events.


7 comments on “Siopao for merienda? Head to City Lunch!

  1. hi! i don’t really eat siopao and i never liked it, but this entry actually makes me want to eat one!
    nice blog. keep it up!

  2. justlookingaround

    IT’s Really NICE!!! SUPER SARAP! You’ll crave for more PROMISE!!♥ I know the daughter of the owner though!♥

  3. Try our siopao please 😀 they are really worth it. justlookingaround? who are you 😀 you know me, well prbably i know you too. anyhow, call (034)-434-09-17 for inquiries. and oh, we also do catering services 😉 thanks for this post!

  4. We also have other stuffs there. we are located at 2707 Narra Avenue Capitol Shopping Center, Bacolod City 🙂 and they really do taste oh so good 😀 try it and then you’ll know 🙂

    • Hi,

      Yummy siopaoooooo! Miaaam! Just one quick question, do you serve chicken siopao? And last last one 🙂 Do you have a branch here in Manila?


  5. I remember my dad used to buy me the siopaos from Holiday in Shopping, also. They were SO GOOD! But they closed down a few years ago, so I tried the ones here, DELICIOUS also! The sauce is also yummy!

    • Martin Banana

      i miss holiday restaurant too. I love their chicken siopao and their battered chicken.

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