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La Calea – Famous for its cakes! Reviewed!

Right after the dinner at Louise the Bacolod food hunters quickly did a side mission: scout and review Calea!

We hopped in ilovepork’s car and headed down to Lourdes Center.

LaCalea is one of Bacolod’s finest cake and pastry shops. Even at night time it never fails

to attract a crowd.

We went in and began browsing LaCalea’s extensive selection of sweets. They had renovated the place recently to make it wider and more roomier enabling many customers to dine at once.

This is Calea’s extensive collection of cakes. They have all the classic favorites ranging from carrot cake to the ever present blueberry cheesecake, a sure hit with their lady customers.

They also have a freezer with  Chocolate semifreddo.

Well, we got our orders and the bacolodfoodhunters began devouring their cakes.

Smile ordered his favorite: Cream puffs. However the Creampuffs were frozen solid and he could barely eat them with his spoon. He was seriously contemplating asking the salesladies to MICROWAVE the puff.

I tried out their chocolate walnut pie. It was a huge disappointment with the walnuts being soft and stale-tasting. It really affected the way the pie tasted, even overpowering the chocolate.

The only thing thats amiss with Calea is their quality control. Several days ago I had ordered a carrot cake and found it to be stale. It wasn’t soft and delicious but quite dry and bland with the sweet carot icing masking the cake taste. I couldn’t finish it. This would have never have happened in the old Calea before their renovation. Hopefully Calea can keep from becoming too comercialized and retain the quality of their delicious sweets and pastries that people have grown to love.


Food: 7.5/10

Food quality is not that consistent. Sometimes small details like the amount of butter on

the sansrival really affect the taste. Sometimes your favorite cake is horrible.

Service: 8/10 no complaints!

Ambiance: 8/10 Nothing to complain about! But I do prefer their old homey look than their new “futuristic” one.


17 comments on “La Calea – Famous for its cakes! Reviewed!

  1. berry blue

    Cream Puff – as the name implies, is supposed to have a creamy center that immediately explodes in your mouth after the first bite. WHY SERVE IT FROZEN???

    Wawa naman si smile. I hope he didn’t break his teeth eating that frozen puff.

  2. @ sage and lemongrass,

    I think that the poor service that you mentioned is at the Lopues east center branch of Calea?

    The main branch of Calea is where we ate. (Lourdes center)

    Anyway, I was shocked at your horror story of poor service in Calea. You’re right. Even if your food is good but your service sucks, people will not go to your restaurant a second time.

  3. i think i have to agree with sage with the kind of service calea have (all branches). my friends and i noticed that… but then, calea has great desserts so we literally go back for those desserts while mumbling how poor the service is.

  4. i agree! calea before has the best cakes and always freshly baked…it seems that i ate stale and dry cakes last summer…

  5. u8mypinkcookies

    omg, nakakagutom yung cakes!

  6. thanks much… =)

  7. yes, Calea sweets are delicious but, in my opinion, NOTHING and I mean, absolutely NOTHING beats Bob’s SANS RIVAL! It is literally without rival! =)

  8. nothing beats bob’s sansrival, are you sure? you may not have tasted the best yet… Rosana sansrival in La Vista, quezon is the best!!!… Try it and ur bob’s sansrival will be NOTHING!!!

    • Martin Banana

      Fooder, we are talking about food IN BACOLOD. Not in Quezon.


      Got it? 🙂 Your comment is so out of context.

    • go where u wanna be it’s none of our businesses!I agree that Bob’s has the best Sansrival here in BACOLOD!

  9. WHOA! I see there are many sans-rival lovers here in Bacolod. My previous job sent me in key cities of Pinas, and since i have ‘matamis-na-ipen’, i would always end my meal with sans-rival (the ‘safest’ dessert in the menu). And rightly so, Bacolenos, the best is here in Bacolod –> “MAYANG’s”; sadly, for order/pick-up only (tel # 707-3441; 0933-4151514)
    The gods agree with me!

  10. You may want also to try the cakes and cupcakes at Nana’s Cake Gallery along Carlos Hilado Ave, it’s a new place. Will be delighted to see your review about their products.

  11. i loveeee calea cakes! but last time i ordered a slice of their white chocolate cheesecakes with raspberry sauce, the cheesecake tasted like raw eggs/liver idk. it tasted so weird. 0_o

  12. Hi… i think Virgie’s has the best sansrival in bacolod….

  13. fake ang sans rival sa bacolod… in my opinion of course… it’s not bacolod’s original…

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