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Lan Ten Chinese restaurant: Gourmet Kikiam

Lan Ten Chinese restaurant is one of those numerous chinese restaurants that dot Bacolod’s Shopping area.  It is quite inconspicous, except for a big white signboard jutting out into the street.

When you enter, the first thing you’ll notice is the “greasy spoon Chinese restaurant  ” atmosphere.  Waitresses are dressed in cute chinese dresses.  Plastic chairs are gathered around a huge table covered with plastic wrap.  An occasional fly buzzes over the tables.

Ignore your urge to walk out the door and instead seat yourself at a table.  You have entered Gourmet Kikiam heaven.

Kikiam is considered “street food” and unhygenic by most Filipinos.  However, there is nothing street-food like and unhygenic in Lan Ten’s kikiam.  Real savory meat and delicious chinese spices make this dish a truly awesome experience.  It is kikiam like you have never tasted before.

It is HUGE.  It is delicious.  It is a meal in itself.

Oh, and it is perfect with fried rice.  Pass the sweet and sour sauce please.



6 comments on “Lan Ten Chinese restaurant: Gourmet Kikiam

  1. michael glenn

    your kikiam looks like so very tasty, can you send me the recipe. Thanks!

  2. please can you send me a copy of the recipe

  3. can you please send me a copy of the recipe? thanks.

  4. iamTheWatcher


    I read several of your blog posts, and it would really be more helpful if you include the prices of the food you are reviewing. This will give your readers additional information. If your photos look nice, and your words do justice to whatever you are reviewing, that’s nice. But VALUE means the entire package: tastes great, looks great, bearable costs.

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