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Sweet Greens: Jamaican patties and the piaya makeover.

It was dusk and the Bacolod Food hunters were out and about the town with some of their junior members. They were going to the lagoon, not to review the ever-so popuar Chicken deli restaurant, but to Sweet Greens restaurant. The taxi screeched to a stop and four very hungry hunters stepped out.

Sweet Greens restaurant is a nice open-air type restaurant. Diners can opt to sit out on metal lawn chairs or inside the air-conditioned restaurant. A beautiful garden area makes the dining out area really attractive especially during the hot summer months.

The Bacolod Food Hunters found the Sweet Greens outdoor pastry display. It was very enticing. Filipino Favorites like Ensaymada and Hopia were arranged temptingly in baskets on the top shelves. The display was well lit and Martin couldn’t help buying a couple of Jamaican patties to munch on.

The Jamaican Patties: Chili Beef and Chicken Mushroom were the ones that Martin got. After tasting them, he remarked that the patties could really give the Franchise: Jamaican Patties a run for their money as the sweet greens patties were definitely more superior.

Ayn, the cousin of Martin settled on a sweet favorite: Ensaymada !

Martin spotted a favorite snack of his: Adobo stuffed buns! He bought one to take home.

The Bacolod Food hunters then proceeded inside the restaurant to order dinner. Unfortunately it was crowded which meant Martin couldn’t get any shots with his camera.

Ayn’s sharp eyes spotted a novelty item. Flat crispy piaya. It was interesting because the usual Flat piaya is soft and chewy. The Piaya being offered at Sweet greens almost sent the Bacolod Food Hunters into spasms of excitement. GOURMET PIAYA! OMG!

The Bacolod Food hunters rushed to buy one box then at the counter saw an attractive display of flat piaya samplers with flavours like muscovado and banana. Very nice! Now they didn’t need to buy the whole box.

The Bacolod Food Hunters bought a packet and began munching away. They didn’t quite like it. The Banana Piaya they bought tasted more like galletas and was sickingly sweet. However, The Bacolod Food Hunters agreed that this is certainly an interesting take on an old Bacolod Favorite and this crispy piaya is a treat worth trying at least once.

The Food then arrived and the Baclod Food hunters began eating.

Martin had the Sizzling chicken inasal which was kinda disappointing for him because it was simply chicken inasal on a sizzling platter. It was good. Martin loves chicken inasal.

Ayn had their chicken alexander which was chicken in white sauce and corn. Ho-hum. Ayn found the taste to be okay but Ayn complained that the portion was too small. This was surprising coming from Ayn as she is a very small, thin girl and she gets full really easily.

Bodie had the spare ribs. It looked nothing like spare ribs. Just some random, VERY THIN cuts of meat. It looked more like beef tapa.

Although the dinner was a bit disappointing, munching on the famous sweet greens patties saved the entire evening. The Bacolod food hunters highly recommend going to sweet greens to try their patties and their other pastries. In fact Martin hopes to sneak out and buy a few patties whenever they go to eat at chicken deli or buy stuff at the Negros Showroom.


7 comments on “Sweet Greens: Jamaican patties and the piaya makeover.

  1. there’s actually an original flat piaya in bacolod. it’s called bailon’s. you can find it at pendy’s. its very, very good. you might like to try it someday.

    bob’s also has their version of flat piaya, now this one isnt like piaya, its not sweet at all, but it tastes very gourmet. like a biscotti or something. we can call it pinoy biscotti since it is softer and a little sweeter than the frenchs. and it goes very well with a cup of coffee or cappuccino.

  2. wow, thanks for sharing! Well try it next time were in bacolod.

  3. The casa carmela piaya — would’ve been better if it were called something else, and not piaya–the calamansi piaya has a nice tang to it. nothing beats the filled, flaky original, though.

  4. negrosdude

    still THE BEST piaya in bacolod is the piaya of my childhood – which is none other than bailon’s. really still good, no one can make piaya like them… another thing, its a good thing i read this review of sweet greens. i was in bacolod last sept and i passed by this restaurant and then i went back to manila and i met the owner. i wanted to try this out, but after reading about what you ate there… ooops, medyo, di pwede sa akin, haha! thanks.. and remember, its really bailon’s piaya that’s the best. good stuff also in the pasalubong counter at pendy’s..

  5. yeah…bailon’s is great…now waht i love most about sweet greens is their bibingka with red eggs…when i was still working with the provincial government there…i would always never fail to buy ensaymada from sweet greens before i go home

  6. i want to ask you the recipe on how to make a piaya, thats my real favorite kasi..thanks and God Bless

  7. bodie’s a foodhunter?? :))

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