This articles is outdated.. If you want to see Mushu’s recent food offerings, please click this link to go to the entry for 2011 Mushu

The Bacolod Food hunters were on the hunt last night and on their list of reviews is one of the newest restaurants in Bacolod on Lacson street.

It was a rainy night when the Bacolod Food hunters invaded Mushu chinese restaurant.

As they entered, they couldn’t help remarking how nice the place looked.  The place was nice and cozy with golden light bathing everything in its amber glow.  Everything was well designed with a neo-oriental look.

Martin couldn’t help snapping a few pictures of

the very interesting decor:

The table settings which included a card for people interested in dining in the South Beach diet way.

An elegant table for a family or a large group of diners.

The table was tastefully covered from the rest of the restaurant with a few panels of wood.  This gave the whole thing a feeling of privacy.

The Bacolod Food Hunters gave their orders and soon the food began to arrive:

Hongkong chinese style noodles:  This shot of the beautiful noodles and the bowl overflowing with beef and dumplings was ruined because Martin’s greedy parents couldn’t wait for him to finish taking the picture.

Crispy Pata:  This was a refreshing take on a classic favorite with three kinds of  sauces to dip the crispy pata in.  Crunchy and good.  Martin especially liked the way you can mix the sauces to your taste.

Steamed soy chicken:  The house specialty.   A Very delicious chicken dish.

Verdict:  This new restaurant is especially nice as their dishes are MSG free.  One of the Bacolod Food hunters has a built in sensor that makes him dizzy whenever he eats foods with MSG.  However, due to this the dishes taste sort of bland.  Oh well, you can always season your food with the soy sauce  and at least the food is very healthy!

Mushu is an exciting new restaurant to try if ever you’re into healthy chinese food.  A pleasant dining atmosphere coupled with a wonderful food presentation is sure to make anyone happy.

Exciting update:  It’s Martin’s Mother’s birthday tomorrow and Martin really pulled out the stops with his present.  Floral cloth wrap plus pink ribbons and cloth roses conceal a book about flowers.  Happy Birthday Mom! Let’s eat at Bob’s!


10 comments on “Mushu: Healthy Chinese Food.

  1. negrosdude

    i was in bacolod last sept and i finally had a taste of the food here, this is a restaurant owned by jp anglo – he might have some partners here, but he’s the chef – he went abroad for culinary studies – im not sure where, i think either in australia or cca in california.. anyways the food was very good! the impressions of my other friends who’ve tried the food here were likewise positive.

  2. i love mushu at night…the cocktails are good…especially purple ninja…and the food…its very healthy…i went there last summer…ito yung katabi ng gerry’s grill di ba?

  3. Going on a low carb, low glycemic index diet is so easy and it’s so good for you in the end! I am a dietician and I do alot of cooking, so I recently started a new website with tons of great south beach diet recipes. I hope you try atleast one of them.. enjoy!

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  5. What an excellent restaurant and I loved the pictures.

    Since I went to your blog why don’t you go to mine 😀

  6. Wow. This restaurant looks great. Must try Mushu next time I got in Bacolod again. Thanks for sharing this!~

  7. Wow. This restaurant looks great. Must try Mushu next time once I got in Bacolod again. Thanks for sharing this!~

  8. please watch your words! writing that somebody’s parents are greedy is just so rude! i’m quite sure you didn’t mean it that way. so please choose the proper words… most of your articles here shows how irresponsible you are in writing because you don’t use the proper words.

  9. price po nang food nila?

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