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Time for a Time out! Time out’s butterfly ribs!

Ilovepork and Martin were out hunting butterflies. But these were no ordinary butteflies that they were after. They were after Time out’s famous butterfly ribs.

Time out is an open air type restaurant near PLDT Bacolod The Bacolod Food hunters descended upon it one rainy night like moths to a flame.

The restaurant is a circular-shaped kubo with an interesting display in the middle. Coconuts that are sprouting!

The seating and tables in Take out are simple but functional. The lighting is the common yellow type light that seems to be in vogue in every Bacolod outdoor restaurant. This gives the place a nice cozy feel to it. Plants adorn the outside of the kubo making one feel as if one is in the jungle.

While waiting, Ilovepork looked so much like a fat piglet that  Martin couldn’t help but point out that ilovepork was a myocardial infarction waiting to happen. Fortunately the food arrived just then.

The famous butterfly spareribs. This is superb! Unlike the common spare ribs that is covered in barbeque sauce, these ribs are cooked differently which makes this a welcome change!

Ilovepork had sizzling bulalo. Very interesting as Martin never saw or had that particular dish before since Martin thinks eating bone marrow is gross. Ilovepork assured Martin that the taste was excellent and proceeded to place a generous helping of marrow on Martin’s plate.

The food was good and so was the price! around 120 pesos for each dish!

Whenever you are sick and tired of the boring old barbecue sauce covered spare ribs, try Takeout’s excellent ribs!


5 comments on “Time for a Time out! Time out’s butterfly ribs!

  1. Mr Senen

    From the decor the display of the food, that place looks really great.

  2. Martin,

    The Food Hunters are right!! Time Out is becoming one of our favorite places to eat. The butterfly ribs and the kinilaw are both terrific. We’ve yet to get a bad meal at Time Out. The staff is also very friendly and accommodating. There is also an air conditioned dining room available for a minimum of P1500 in food purchases.

  3. bob whitton

    my humble opinion,,TIME -OUTis one of the nicest eating houses in BCD we along with friends jim an marylou,,dined there the mashed potoatoe was somthing to die for with melted butter on the top hmmmm lovely,,,with had tender loin steak sizzler,,i wished i had done same i had chicken curry nice but wish they would remove the bones,,,believe jim had butterfly ribs they looked nice,, but think they where tough as he left most,,but jim being the gentlman he is didn’t say anything,,,on a score out of 10 would give full marks,,,also parking is easy alongside restuant,,staff very helpfull,,,a little slow but not a prob as drinks where served fast,, bob/brenda

  4. in relation to BACKRIBS, have you tried Lord Byron’s? They serve the best BACKRIBS ever! 🙂
    It’s located at the Tennis Court of Brgy. Montevista in Homesite. xp

  5. please indicate the exact address please

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