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Mcdonalds Philippines has a milkshake on their menu?

McDonalds Lacson in Bacolod City seems to be one of the few, if not the ONLY Mcdonalds in the Philippines that serves milkshakes. 

Their milkshake is just simply melted ice cream. Very thick and sweet melted ice cream.
Ilovepork hates it.  Martin loves it and he bought two cookies from the Mc cafe to dunk in his strawberry milkshake.

7 comments on “Mcdonalds Philippines has a milkshake on their menu?

  1. it’s one of the few. i know 5 branches in manila that serves mcdo milkshake :”>

  2. ei yow! me from bacolod but currently working and studying in the Durian Republik 😀 one of Mcdo’s branches here in Davao also serves milkshake… my all time favorite is the strawberry milkshake… 🙂

  3. They’ve got it here in Makati

  4. and mccafes are just new here in the us… and no milk shakes

  5. Go chocolate chip cookies! Simply irrestible.

  6. Can u email me the address of McDonald’s Lacson? Thanks!

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