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Haffy’s Diner -Restaurant with unlimited fried chicken, tempura and Baby Back ribs in Bacolod City

There’s a cool new place in Bacolod City, Philippines to visit! Haffy’s Diner in Bacolod City has eat all you can fried chicken, tempura, baby back ribs and more!

Haffy’s Diner is located at the ground floor of O residences, Lacson Street, Bacolod City. Haffy’s Diner has an amazing ambiance and atmosphere. The restaurant looks like it stepped out of the 80’s with beautiful neon lights. Haffy’s diner looks just like a futuristic scene from the movie Tron, Ready player one or even retro like Stranger Things.

Haffy’s Diner is a very pretty restaurant

Haffy’s Diner is very pretty inside. There are several small tables inside (due to social distancing rules) and one big table for groups of friends. The interior is black and neon and the whole place just “pops” with vibrancy and color.

There are many things to do at Haffy’s Diner! They have a movie room where you can rent a room to watch movies on Netflix and play videogames (ps4) with your friends! It costs just 500 pesos to rent your own private room. There’s even a retro arcade machine in the main dining room costing 5 pesos for 5 minutes.

Dine and Play games on this retro arcade machine

If you want something more personal, Haffy’s Diner offers gaming on retro handhelds! You can play your favourite classic family computer or NES games on these cute little handhelds. It costs 20 pesos to rent them.

These cute little handhelds are perfect for a nostalgia trip!

If you’re feeling sporty, play with this basketball shooting game at Haffy’s Diner. 10 pesos will give you 90 seconds of gameplay. If you get a highscore, your name goes on the wall of fame.

Playing ball

It’s time to eat! Haffy’s Diner has numerous items on their menu. They have Gyoza, pizza, mozzarella sticks, Indian Beef Curry and a lot of other things on their menu. Haffy’s Diner’s most popular menu items are the group platters and the unli menu.

Haffy’s Diner’s group platters cost 599 pesos for 2 people while a group platter will cost 999 pesos for four.
For individual diners, you can get the “unli 499”

Both platters come with unlimited/ eat all you can tempura, rice, baby back ribs, fried chicken, bottomless iced tea and chicharon bulaklak (a Philippine street food consisting of deep fried pig intestines)

Haffy’s menu

You can also get the Haffy’s Diner unli 239 meal which is just unlimited fried chicken. But don’t worry, your meal won’t be boring because Haffy’s Diner has several flavours of fried chicken. They have the Haffy’s special, Honey mustard, Salted Egg, Teriyaki, Barbecue, Cheese, Mango, Buffalo chicken, Spicy Mango, Spicy Korean and Diablo flavors.

Reading the menu you’ll notice that there are a lot of rules. Make sure that your group is well oriented with the rules of Haffy’s Diner before ordering as the rules and restrictions are a bit too much.

We ordered two unli 499 meals. The meals came with a side dish of french fries.

Side dish of fries

Haffy’s Diner’s unli 499 is huge! We had tempura, fried chicken chicharon bulaklak and two huge ribs. Very nice! You also get unlimited iced tea in big glasses. We finished everything and began trying out the different chicken flavors. We tried them all. We especially liked the salted egg fried chicken and the buffalo flavor.

Unlimited tempura, fried chicken, chicharon bulaklak and baby back ribs.

We advise people with sensitive stomachs to take it slow and easy. You will be eating a lot of fried food so expect to be taking a bathroom break pretty quickly.

Overall, Haffy’s Diner is a good place for groups of friends (barkadas) who’d like to bond over a meal. The food and ambiance is mainly geared towards the younger crowd but there’s plenty here to win over older clientele too.

Getting To Haffy’s Diner

Jeepney Routes – You can get to Haffy’s by taking jeepneys. The jeepney fare is just ten pesos and the jeepney routes that pass by O residences and Robinson’s Bacolod are:

  • Shopping-Northbound Terminal
  • Mandalagan-Libertad
  • Bata-Libertad

Taxi and other private vehicles – Simply drive or tell the taxi driver to go to O residences. The parking space is limited so if you have a car, you may park in the parking slots or if they’re full you can park at Robinson’s mandalagan and walk to O residences.

Contact information

For reservations you can get in touch with Haffy’s Diner via their official facebook page

Official Facebook page:

Haffy’s Diner contact number: 0939 716 7914

Haffy’s Diner opening Hours: 11am-7pm

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. The Bacolod Food Hunters are also accredited tourguides. We practice ethical blogging.

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