Babi’s Chocolates – Imported Chocolates, Baking Essentials and more!

Babi’s chocolates in Bacolod City has an awesome collection of chocolates, baking essentials and a lot of fun stuff for the family! If you’re looking for gifts or sweet treats in Bacolod City, Babi’s chocolates is the place to visit. This place has become really popular for their awesome deals and discounts on imported goodies!

We visited Babi’s chocolates at their new location to check them out. Babi’s Chocolates is located at Irene building, Hilado Street, Bacolod City. (Beside Apollo Restaurant).

The entrance to Babi’s Chocolates. Don’t forget your mask and sign in at the logbook!

The first floor of Babi’s Chocolates has a lot of baking goods and baking supplies. There’s plenty of stuff to interest bakers but for those seeking sweets, head to the second floor immediately!

Baking supplies and assorted stuff

The second floor of Babi’s Chocolates is their chocolate display room. It is fantastic! The room is painted in pink and has decorations hanging from the ceiling. There are shelves all around the room filled with chips, snacks and sweets. Right in the middle of the room is a big display area with Taiwanese chocolates


The second floor central area of Babi’s Chocolates Bacolod is also where the SALES and promos are displayed. As of this time of writing, Babi’s Chocolates has a buy one take one promo on snickers for just 50 pesos and a special three pack of Hersey’s white chocolate for only 115 pesos.

What a deal! Buy 1 take 1!

If you’re looking to try something new, the central area of Babi’s Chocolates has Taiwanese chocolates and sweets! It is so nice to experience something different. Each piece of Taiwanese chocolate costs just 10 pesos. There is a varied selection so feel free to load up without feeling guilty.


For those who want something a little more savory, there are a lot of chips such as Ruffles, Lays, Pringles and more at Babi’s chocolates Bacolod. They carry some exotic flavors not commonly found in Bacolod City.

136 pesos for a bag of Lays

Toblerone bars dominate one section of the shelves. These in big sizes and in dark chocolate varieties.

Here’s what we’re after! Combos snacks for just 165 and they have the rare spicy buffalo blue cheese combos too!

Are you looking for Spam in Bacolod? Don’t worry, Babi’s Chocolates has a whole shelf of them. The hoarders on the barter facebook groups haven’t gotten to this area yet. 🙂

Spam on the shelves of Babi’s chocolates

We purposely limited our pocket money when we visited Babi’s Chocolates Bacolod branch. We went into the store with just 200 pesos and we were already able to buy a lot of snacks to share back home. Wow, very impressive! We even had some change left over for jeepney transportation

We got buy one take one snickers, four for 100 pesos, reese’s pieces for 50 and three taiwanese chocolates for 10 pesos each. That is a total of 180 pesos with 20 pesos for change.

Babi’s Chocolates is a great place to buy sweets, chocolates and other goodies. We plan to throw a chocolate party when coronavirus is over. We will bring our guests to Babi’s, hand them a crisp 500 peso bill and tell them to go wild! How’s that for a great party idea? It sounds fun and perfectly doable.

Babi’s chocolates is located at Irene Building, Hilado street, beside Apollo Restaurant.

Babi’s chocolates opens at 8:30 to 6:00pm with a lunchbreak from 12-1:30pm

Babi’s chocolates official facebook is

Getting to Babi’s chocolates

Taxi: Tell the driver you want to go to Apollo Restaurant on hilado street. Babi’s chocolates is right beside Apollo’s main door.

Jeepneys: Two jeepney routes pass by Babi’s chocolates. You can take the Shopping-Libertad Jeep or the Eroreco-Central market jeep.

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. The Bacolod Food Hunters are also accredited tourguides. We practice ethical blogging.

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