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Visit G Cafe + Darts Live for Bacolod’s largest collection of Superhero Statues

Love Superheroes? Head on up to the second floor of Paseo Verde in Bacolod City to discover G Cafe + Darts Live – a new, awesome cafe that combines online darts, coffee and superhero statues!

G Cafe + Darts Live has two spaces. The first space is a cafe where you can enjoy some small pastries and play online darts (Dartslive 2)

The interior of Wolf Spider.

The online darts game is very interesting. You actually play against people from all over the world. You use special plastic darts and the game sends your score to an online leaderboard where you can see the scores of all the people playing Dartslive 2. It’s a great game to try and play.

Playing Dartslive 2 feels like playing a videogame!

G Cafe + Darts Live has newly opened and they’re still finalizing the menu. For now, they serve a limited amount of pastries and coffee. They will be updating the menu in the days to come so stay tuned for updates.

Some of the seats at Wolf Spider are colorful geometric shapes and blocks.

The main attraction of G Cafe + Darts Live are the BEAUTIFUL superhero statues. They are very detailed and extremely large. They’re beautiful collector’s editions too. This is the largest and most expensive collection of superhero statues in Bacolod City.

Hulk and the Hulkbuster face off in an epic fight.

Each of these statues are extremely detailed. You will enjoy seeing all the small intricate stuff on the pieces.

The huge Hulkbuster armor.

Some of the statues have hair and even clothing. Every detail is complete – down to the Hulk’s chest hair. Most of the statues are in big, lit glass display cases.

The best time to visit G Cafe + Darts Live would be in the late afternoon or in the evening. They’re open from 10am to9pm. However, if you go early the sun from Paseo Verde’s parking lot bounces off the concrete and shines directly into G Cafe + Darts Lives display cases. The reflections makes viewing the statues and picture taking difficult.

Wolverine, Storm and Sabretooth are immortalized in fantastic poses. Look at the detail and excellent sculpting of Storm’s hand!

If you’re a huge nerd like us, you’ll recognize certain heroes and villains such as Kraven the Hunter. Kraven’s statue is big but the most impressive feature is the HUGE lion that accompanies him.

Some of the sculptures use clever tricks to make it appear that the character is flying. Here’s an awesome statue of Doctor Strange, sorcerer supreme – complete with The Eye of Agamotto.

Sorcerer supreme. Lol.

Another favourite character of ours also makes an appearance. Ghost Rider! He is doomed to forever ride to protect the innocent and punish sinners!

That’s a sweet ride!

Our favourite megalomaniac mutant Magneto makes an appearance! Magneto sits on a throne fashioned from the hand of a Sentinel – a vicious, mutant-hunting robot.

Batman!!! And Arkham Knight Batman!

There are TWO basic rules to follow in G Cafe + Darts Live.


This is the first and most important rule. If you’re going with kids – make sure they know the importance of NOT touching stuff. These are extremely EXPENSIVE statues and if they fall and break – you will be paying a LOT of money to replace these.


That means, no clowning around. Watch your step especially when you try to take pictures with these statues. You might fall and injure yourselves.


As of writing there is no entrance fee. But it would be really nice to support the place by buying their food or playing a game of darts!

G Cafe is located at the second floor of Paseo verde, Brgy Mandalagan, Bacolod City.

Official Facebook Page:

The Bacolod Food Hunters wrote this article for free! We did not accept payment, free food or accomodation. We practice ethical blogging.

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